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Get the preparation you deserve from a school you can trust. If you’re looking for licensed or certified residential appraiser exam prep, our program provides comprehensive resources and guidance to support you on exam day — and beyond.

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Pass the exam with proven prep methods


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Test stress is real. Curb it by preparing for the big day — we can help.

Passing your appraisal exam is key to future success, and the stakes are high. Knowing what to expect can mean the difference between flying colors and bracing for a re-take.

At McKissock, we understand the anxieties that come with passing the appraisal exam, which is why we provide flexible, easy exam prep — created with over 30 years of expertise behind it.

By preparing for the national exam with McKissock, you will:

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Reduce test anxiety by familiarizing yourself with exam content and topics.

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Bolster your exam knowledge through consistent study and preparation.

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Experience greater confidence levels on exam day after learning how to pace yourself on practice tests.

How do we help you achieve this?


We help you prepare for the exam through self-paced online prep and live crammer sessions. No other exam prep program offers this level of support.

We provide key prep strategies like topic familiarity and fact recall; applied application through practice exams; and live crammer sessions with mentor support.

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By identifying your strengths and weaknesses, we help you discern areas of improvement and what works best in reaching your goals.

Choose the package that fits your goals.

Exam Prep for Licensed Residential Appraisers
  • Includes licensed residential specific exam questions.
Exam Prep For Certified Residential Appraisers
  • Includes licensed residential specific exam questions.

You deserve to enter exam day with total confidence. Now’s your chance — enroll with McKissock.


Frequently asked questions

  • Are definitions included in this exam prep product? The flashcard exam contains over 650+ appraisal glossary definitions.
  • Are the exams flagged by topic? Every question has been associated with one of the main topics that the national exam is based on.
  • What is the national exam minimum passing score? The Appraiser Qualifications Board develops and maintains the National Uniform Licensing and Certification Examinations. Scores are reported to candidates as scaled scores. Scaled scores can range from 0 to 110, with 75 representing passing. Examinations change over time. Each examination may vary in difficulty, with one examination easier or more difficult than other examinations. However, when converting raw scores to scaled scores, it should not make a difference whether candidates take an easier or more difficult examination. With the mathematical adjustment, the scaled score accounts for differences by adjusting the scores up or down depending on the difficulty of the examinations. When these adjustments are made, the effect is to produce an unbiased and constant passing standard that does not change from one examination to another. A scaled score is not a percentage score, but simply a transformation of a raw score to report comparable results when examinations vary in…
  • Are these exams customizable, or are they set exams? All exams in the program have some level of customization.  Progress exams you can retake, or review questions missed, questions right or the full exam.  Flashcards are fully customizable as you will determine the number of cards you want to review and each time the cards are randomly pulled from the bank of cards.  Final exams can be used to create custom exams by topic, by questions missed, questions correct.  There are unlimited options.
  • Are you able to view the correct answers after completing an exam? Progress exams show the correct answer and an explanation immediately after you answer each question.  Flashcards show the correct answer when you click the “reveal” button to turn the virtual card over.  Final practice exams display the exam results after you complete the exam.
  • Can I access the exams on multiple devices? You can access your exams on any device that has an internet connection.  You are not tied to the device you enrolled with.  Login to the site with the username and password you chose at registration.  No apps to download.
  • How do I know when I am ready to schedule my national exam? When you have taken 100% of the questions in the program and are scoring 80% or higher, you are ready to schedule your exam.