Certified Luxury Home Appraiser Program

Differentiate yourself from other appraisers with a new professional certification offered by McKissock Learning. By becoming a Certified Luxury Home Appraiser™ (CLHA) you will have demonstrated that you have acquired advanced knowledge and ability to appraise luxury and high-end homes. The CLHA certification program teaches various appraisal methodology and valuation considerations, technical skills, and professional skills specific to appraising luxury homes.

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Luxury Home Appraiser Certification
  • You want to be recognized as a luxury home valuation expert
  • You want to acquire advanced knowledge for appraising luxury homes
  • You will earn 14 hrs of appraisal CE credit in addition to the certification

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What is the Certified Luxury Home Appraiser Program?

By becoming a Certified Luxury Home Appraiser™ (CLHA) you will have demonstrated that you have acquired advanced knowledge and ability to appraise luxury and high-end homes.

What are the steps to achieve the CLHA certification?

Step 1

Purchase the candidacy application, titled: Certified Luxury Home Appraiser Application. Then access, complete, and electronically sign the online application and confidentiality agreement. The application and agreement are a combined form and are accessible under your McKissock Learning account, as a course product in “My Courses” on the McKissock Learning website. If you have purchased our Certified Luxury Home Appraiser package or if you are an Unlimited Learning Membership customer, no application fee is required. Note: there is a one year time frame to complete the certification program based on the date the first course is started.

Step 2

Successfully complete the three required luxury home appraisal courses (Understanding Luxury Home Features, New Construction Essentials: Luxury Homes, and The Fundamentals of Appraising Luxury Homes).

Step 3

Within 2 business days after successful completion of all three required courses the CLHA Demonstration of Knowledge Exam will be placed in your account.

Step 4

The Demonstration of Knowledge Exam will be downloaded as a course product in “My Courses” on the McKissock Learning website. Note: you will have a maximum of 30 days to complete the Demonstration of Knowledge Exam from the time the exam is opened unless the one year certification deadline comes sooner in which case the exam must be complete by that date.

Step 5

Take the Demonstration of Knowledge Exam and submit your exam responses (essay responses) as instructed on the Demonstration of Knowledge Exam before the 30-day exam deadline.

Step 6

After successfully passing the Demonstration of Knowledge Exam, you will receive instructions on how to download your CLHA certificate. This accreditation must be renewed every two years based on the date you are awarded the certification.

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Luxury Home Appraiser Certification

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    Frequently asked questions

    • How do I apply to take the Demonstration of Knowledge Exam? After applying for the CLHA certification, paying the application fee (if required) and successfully completing the three online luxury home appraisal courses; the Demonstration of Knowledge Exam will be downloaded into your McKissock Learning account under “My Courses”. A notification email will be sent informing you that the Demonstration of Knowledge Exam is available in “My Courses” on the McKissock Learning website. If you do not get notification or cannot access the exam on your account, please send an inquiry to [email protected].
    • Where can I find the Certified Luxury Home Appraiser directory? To see a list of appraisers who have successfully completed the program and have the CLHA Certification, click HERE. *Appraisers who have successfully completed and agreed to be on the directory are listed.
    • What are the benefits of a CLHA certification? Be recognized as a credentialed expert in appraising luxury homes. Enhance and expand your appraisal opportunities. Build stronger relationships with luxury home agents and custom home builders. Expand your exposure to potential clients through a publicly available registry of CLHA accredited appraisers. Earn appraisal CE credit on all required certification courses. Become part of a professional network of recognized appraisal specialists.
    • Why pursue this certification? Although this certification is voluntary, earning a CLHA certification demonstrates professional expertise in appraising luxury homes thereby opening more appraisal opportunities in this special niche. Real estate appraisal is a profession that requires resolve and commitment as outside forces attempt to reduce the importance of a valuation performed by an expert. Despite these challenges, you can remain passionate about the appraisal profession by providing valuation services for complicated real estate properties such as luxury homes.  A credible luxury home valuation cannot be accomplished by a non-appraiser, through a hybrid valuation product, or by an inexperienced appraiser with an unrealistic turn time and fees.
    • How does this certification compare to widely recognized appraisal designations? Designations from a professional organization demonstrate general appraisal knowledge and expertise. Certificates offer concentrated academic achievement for appraisers looking to enhance a specific set of skills or fill a knowledge gap. Earning a certificate demonstrates your proficiency in a special niche—appraising custom luxury and high-end homes.  This certification is similar to specialty accreditation offered in other professions such as real estate, healthcare, human resources, and insurance.
    • What is required to achieve the CLHA certification? 1). Complete the following three courses—(which are approved for a total of 14 credit hours). Understanding Luxury Home Features—7 hours. New Construction Essentials: Luxury Homes—3 hours✮. The Fundamentals of Appraising Luxury Homes—4 hours. ✮ CE credit not available for this course in North Carolina (minimum course length must be 3.5 hours) 2). Register as a candidate for the CLHA designation program by completing the Candidacy Application, signing the Confidential Agreement, and paying the application fee.  To be eligible for the program, you must be a Certified Residential Appraiser or Certified General Appraiser in good standing. 3). Pass the comprehensive Demonstration of Knowledge Exam within one year. * *Registration, courses, and the Demonstration of Knowledge Exam can all be purchased individually for a total of $695.00 or purchased through our CLHA package for a discounted price of $650.00 **The entire program including course completion and successful completion of the Demonstration of…
    • How much does the certification program cost? The total course fees are $480, when courses are purchased individually, the application fee (which includes fees for the exam and all application documents) is an additional $215.00 for a total of $695.00. Our Certified Luxury Home Appraiser Package is a convenient way to purchase all courses and the application fee all at once for $650.00.  However, for a limited time, if you’re an Unlimited Learning Membership customer then the entire value (application fee, courses, and exam fee) is included in your membership already!