Vermont Professional Engineers Professional Development Courses

Looking for Professional Engineers Professional Development Courses in Vermont? McKissock has you covered with high-quality Professional Engineers Professional Development Courses, industry expertise and convenience.

Vermont Professional Engineers Packages


30-Hour Online Renewal Package



  • You are a licensed Professional Engineer in Vermont and need to renew your license.
  • You prepare, sign, seal and submit engineering plans and drawings to a public authority for approval, or to seal engineering work for public and private clients.
  • You prefer to take your continuing education via self-paced online due to your busy schedule and availability.
  • This package contains 30 hours of online instruction which consists of all elective hours.

30-Hours of Online Vermont Professional Engineer Renewal Courses
Customer Phone and Email Support 7 Days a Week
Completion Certificates for Vermont included


Bridge Inspections: An Overview for Professional Engineers (5 hrs)
Action Plans for Performance Based Seismic Design (4 hrs)
Concrete Hydraulic Structures: Evaluations for Earthquake Scenarios (4 hrs)
Design of Onsite (Septic) Wastewater Treatment Systems (4 hrs)
Mitigating Terrorist Attacks for Engineers and Building Designs (4 hrs)
Concrete and Masonry Wall Buildings: Earthquake Repairs for Engineers (3 hrs)
Design Storms: An Overview (2 hrs)
Energy Codes and Standards for Professional Engineers (2 hrs)
The National Disaster Recovery Framework: An Overview (2 hrs)

30-Hour Correspondence Renewal Package

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