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You’re ready to start your appraisal career,
but navigating state requirements can be complicated.

You’re ready to start your appraisal career,
but navigating state requirements can be complicated.

Don’t just become an appraiser.
Become a world-class appraiser.

We believe there should be an easy and clear path to getting your appraisal license. Launch your career with personalized support and guidance every step of the way.

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Appraisal education that fits everyone’s needs

All three plans include:

  • Flexible appraisal education that meets your needs
  • Expert staff and educators with unparalleled appraisal experience
  • Personalized support and guidance every step of the way


Access all the online appraisal license courses your need, plus advanced professional development tools and resources.

Livestream Package

Enjoy all the perks of a classroom, but from your living room or home office.

Self-paced Online Package

Complete appraisal courses on your own time at your own pace.

Gain access to state-required courses to start your appraisal career.

Become an Appraiser in 3 Steps

There are three steps to becoming a real estate appraiser: education, finding a supervisory appraiser, and applying for your trainee license.*

Minimum Appraiser Trainee Education Requirements*

  1. Basic Appraisal Principles — 30 Hours
  2. Basic Appraisal Procedures — 30 Hours
  3. National USPAP Course — 15 Hours

Find qualifying appraisal courses for your state.


Complete appraisal pre-licensing courses

Before becoming an appraiser, most states require that you first become an appraiser trainee (also known as “limited appraisers” or “provisional appraisers” depending on your state).

To become a trainee, you must complete and pass 75 hours* of basic appraisal qualifying education and a supervisor-trainee course.

No experience is required to begin pre-licensing courses. In most states, you can complete courses online at your own pace with us.


Connect with a certified appraiser supervisor

Next, you will need to find a certified appraisal supervisor who agrees to supervise your on-the-job training. 

Working with a certified supervisory appraiser ensures you learn the business and gain in-depth understanding of the appraisal process. You’ll work closely with your supervisor to gain hands-on experience performing physical property appraisals and completing research and reporting.


Apply to become a trainee appraiser

After you complete your coursework and have a supervisory appraiser to work with, you can apply for your trainee license (sometimes called a registration or permit). Here’s how: 

  1. Submit your application and fees to the state board
  2. Submit your fingerprints and background check information
  3. Receive your license or permit from your state’s board

Steps and license levels vary from state to state. Contact your state appraisal board for specific state information or click on the state dropdown below. 


Once you receive your trainee license, you can begin working and earning money as a trainee appraiser. While gaining on-the-job experience under your supervisor, you’ll complete your remaining qualifying education requirements and prepare to sit for the national exam to become a Licensed or Certified Residential Appraiser.

Select a state and view detailed steps to get an appraiser license

*Required qualified education, licensing steps, and apprenticeship time vary by state; check your state’s requirements for full details.
*Note that in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, and Wisconsin, you are required to take more than 75 hours of qualifying education courses for your initial license.

More professionals trust us with their appraisal license education than any other provider. Here’s why:



For 30 years, McKissock has been the leader in appraisal education. As appraisers ourselves, we understand your business. We educate people more efficiently because we are experts at online learning and know how to deliver information in a way that maximizes the experience.


Superior Quality

McKissock has set the standard for online learning for appraisers. Our course content and delivery are consistently rated the best in the business. Since 2010, we’ve been the exclusive provider of The Appraisal Foundation’s National Online USPAP Update Course.


Convenience & Flexibility

Learn what you want, when you want. Choose your pathway to learning, from online courses to live in-person courses, videos, webinars, interactive learning aids, and more.


Dedicated Support

Available seven days a week, our academic advisors are ready to support and assist you. Whether you have questions about courses, products, enrollment, proctoring, or other matters, you’re always in good hands.

Gain access to state-required courses to start your journey.

We’ve launched more appraiser careers than any other provider.

I love using McKissock! I can do things based on my own schedule and, while many places offer online classes, McKissock keeps them interesting and that helps to maintain my focus. It was great to be able to take classes that actually taught me things that I can apply to my every day work load. And the best part was that the classes were not boring.

Kelly D.

APPRAISAL, Washington

I have been utilizing McKissock for continuing education for many years with both live classroom and website classes. I consistently find McKissock to provide professional instructors with great knowledge of the requirements and everyday pitfalls of our industry. They always provide a wide variety of courses that apply to my needs and have greatly increased my potential for taking on many different types of appraisal assignments with the confidence and experience required to complete a credible report.

– James Y.

APPRAISAL, Colorado.

McKissock has been my #1 choice in education for over seven years. They also provided the complete educational package I needed to become a Pennsylvania Licensed Salesperson. I love the variety of course options, competitive pricing, and first-class customer service. I speak with a real, live person any time I call!

Heather S.

APPRAISAL, Pennsylvania

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