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Explore our Collateral Risk education – your comprehensive education and training solution for Mortgage Lending property valuation risk and property observation processes.  

Property Data Collector

Becoming a Property Data Collector is a great option if you’re ready to earn extra money, expand your skillset, or start a new career in the real estate industry. Whether you’re already established in real estate or exploring new career options, we can help you gain fresh knowledge and earn more income. 

Banking Suite

Our new Banking Suite courses are grown from our deep understanding of real estate appraisal and valuation education with insight from corporate lending professionals and include courses developed in partnership with The Appraisal Foundation. We offer an array of single courses, as well as education packages, including:  

  1. Residential Valuation Reviewer  
  2. Residential Underwriter  
  3. Residential Underwriter Manager 
  4. Risk Management  
  5. Residential Audit and Review  
  6. Appraisal Quality Control 

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