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7-Hour USPAP Update Course

Written by The Appraisal Foundation, this cycle’s 7-Hour Update Course offers unique insights to help you navigate real-life appraisal quandaries.

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The on-demand 2024-2025 USPAP 7-Hour Update Course is here! Simply select your state below and choose the format you prefer: Online/Self-Paced, Livestream, and In-Person Classroom.

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McKissock appraisal course ratings and reviews

I love that I was able to take my USPAP Update Course online at my convenience. It was very organized and informative.

Kelsey R.


I like this format for completing my biennial USPAP updates. The information is concise and easy to understand and allows me great flexibility to complete while allowing me to meet the demands of my job.

Thomas E.


This is the best USPAP update course I’ve taken. The mixture of video, audio, and text kept me engaged.

Ron H.


Getting the most from your 7-Hour Update Course


Flexible Course Options

Choose from three options: The Appraisal Foundation’s on-demand course, taken at your own pace; livestream, conducted online via a live webinar; or in-person classroom, written and taught by AQB-certified instructors with no exam.

Guidance and Reference Manual

Your course purchase includes the current edition of the USPAP book. The 2024-2025 course will include The Appraisal Foundation’s brand-new Guidance and Reference Manual which provides FAQs and Advisory Opinions.

Certified Instructors

Learn from AQB Certified USPAP Instructors who meet the highest performance standards and can answer all your questions when it comes to USPAP Standards.

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