Appraisers Share Their Top Professional Goals for 2023

Appraisers Share Their Top Professional Goals for 2023

Industry experts and economists maintain a watchful eye on the housing market as the new year approaches. With 2023 just around the corner—and a good deal of uncertainty in the air—we wanted to find out where real estate appraisers plan to focus their efforts and what goals they hope to achieve next year. So, we asked members of our appraisal community, “What is your top professional goal for 2023?” Here’s what they said.

What is your top professional goal for 2023?

Appraisers Share Their Top Professional Goals for 2023

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Maintain my current business (26%)

This was the most popular answer choice selected by our survey respondents. A large number of appraisers said their main focus will be to maintain their current business in 2023, rather than growing it or making other changes:

“Given the reduction in assignments, I plan to identify ways to add new competencies such as REO appraisals.”

“An appraisal report a week and a sale or two on the brokerage side is all I ask for.”

“Just trying to survive.”

“Not too far away from retirement. Just want to maintain for two more years.”

“Semi-retired and accepting work from only one national source; however, still interested in what is going on in my profession (57 years).”

“I am currently en route on my 75th journey around the sun. I have been in the business 40 years. Still enjoy the business. But I limit what and how much. I don’t want to quit.”

“Just want to keep plugging away at appraising.”

“Do CE’s before baby arrives in spring.”

“Due to living in a rural area, and the political climate, work has been decreasing. I’m looking at other industry avenues, like review work for AMCs, and hybrid products.”

“I am a review appraiser. I would really like to see better quality of appraisal from my peers.”

Earn a designation or certification (16%)

Many survey respondents said their top professional goal for 2023 is to earn a designation or certification:

“Being new to the appraisal industry, I want to learn more and keep working on obtaining my certification and credentials.”

“I would like to work towards my SRA.”

“Find a new firm in order to fully re-enter the appraisal workforce and earn my certification with a new mentor.”

“I am foreign (Brazilian) and trying to get my appraisal license. Most people are comfortable obtaining the license; however, I came from a different viewpoint, for example, the kind of construction, materials, laws, rules, and even currency. For those reasons, it is a challenge for me.”

“I am in the midst of a career change from teaching. I hope to become a real property appraiser once my courses are completed.”

“I am switching careers from IT to being an appraiser.”

“Appraisal industry is a great opportunity to better the community values.”

“Currently, I am a licensed appraiser trainee. I am looking forward to working with you all on acquiring a license for appraisal during 2023.”

“Since work has slowed down somewhat, I figure this is a good time to upgrade to certification.”

“Complete course work and become a CGA.”

“Trainee license!”

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Upgrade my appraisal license (15%)

Several appraisers said they’ll be aiming for a higher license level next year:

“Use McKissock Learning to finally get my Certified General license. Thank you for having such diverse classes!”

“Have all the classes, just need to get my stuff into the state and pass the exam.”

“Just need to move from trainee to licensed.”

“Upgrading your license is earning security.”

“The journey I chose to embark on this year to become a licensed real estate appraiser has not been easy…I wish more veteran appraisers were open to helping out those trying to get into the profession…I am still hopeful there is someone out there willing to help me. I will keep working at it and that is a fact!!”

“I appraise in a market (The Colorado Rockies) where being licensed means I miss out on a good amount of assignments. The mean sale price for single-family properties in my market is over $1m. Additionally, any assignments that come my way which are on the cusp, I am hesitant to accept in case my opinion of value happens to be close to that $1m mark. For these reasons, I am working towards upgrading my license. Being certified will help me grow my business and be less nervous about accepting higher valued properties. I am using McKissock to help me achieve this goal!”

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Grow my business (15%)

Although a larger number of survey respondents said they’re looking to maintain the status quo next year, there are still several appraisers out there aiming to grow or expand their appraisal business in 2023:

“As a more recent entrant into appraisal, I am focused on growing my business.”

“I recently was downsized and lost my staff position, so I am attempting to rebuild a private workflow.”

“I plan to work on marketing myself and my brand in order to grow my business!”

“Established residentially-oriented appraisal company primarily covering southern and central Maine. Two SRA’s, three Certified Residential Appraisers, and three very capable licensed appraisers along with two dedicated office support staff.”

“I am looking to becoming more efficient with my time spent on orders so that I can increase my order capacity while remaining credible.”

“As 2023 planning is in full swing, growing my business includes education. With the McKissock membership, I am able to fit in courses during slow periods and not concern myself with the cost. Obtaining my Green Certification and the mandatory USPAP course has paid for the membership.”

Prepare for retirement (12%)

Quite a few appraisers said their top goal for 2023 is to prepare for retirement:

“I have been in this business for 40 years! It has been a blessing, and an interesting career. Because it’s very slow now, I am considering retiring next year (not sure exactly when).”

“I am pushing 70. 2022 was a tough year due to high interest rates, etc. I hope to work for another two years, but not sure right now.”

“I would like to turn over my appraisal business to my daughter, who is certified.”

“Should have retired last year but put it off due to the high amount of requests!”

“After 23 years in appraising, which was very beneficial for me and my costumers, I’m preparing for retirement.”

“I’m 68 and semi-retired. 2023 will be my last year and I will be on the Lifetime status with the Appraisal Institute. I am going to renew my state certification and need the 7-hour USPAP course in February. I plan to write a couple of articles for the ROW Magazine.”

“Plan for the future, if you are preparing for retirement. Prepare your staff, have two trainees involved in their coursework and work experience. For your own transition and a smooth transition into retirement.”

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Achieve a better work-life balance (10%)

Some appraisers plan to focus on achieving a better balance between their personal and professional lives in the coming year:

“For next year, I have organized a work plan to write a minimum of 1 report and a max of 4 reports per week, to allow for a better work-life balance.”

“Get more organized. Review my appraiser comments and clean them up, and clean up the templates for 2023.”

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Other (6%)

A small percentage of survey participants selected “Other” and wrote in their own responses. Their top professional goals for 2023 included:

  • “Remain current on appraisal issues”
  • “Get customers for my new app”
  • “Modify my business to allow for semi-retirement”
  • “Get a job”
  • “Try to survive the downturn in the economy”
  • “Start my own firm!”
  • “Repair any COVID-19 related damaged business relationships”
  • “Make my appraisals the most accurate and easy to understand”

“The COVID-19 pandemic brought about unprecedented, challenging and overwhelming activity, and as a very small rural appraisal company my customer service aspect declined in the attempt to maintain a quality and reliable product. I’ll be working to repair relationships and increase communication and timeliness, while still maintaining quality and reliability.”

“My goal is to have my trainees be better appraisers than I am, and I strive to be better every year!”

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