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Does my proctor have to sign/verify documentation after completing the exam?

Proctors must be in your presence during the entire duration of the exam process.  At the end of the exam, the proctor must provide their contact information and the address of the location where the exam was taken. Before and after the exam the proctor must attest to the following statements.

  • They are a disinterested third party in the administration of this examination. They are not related by blood, marriage or other relationship to the examinee that would influence me from properly administering the examination.  
  • Unless approved by the appraisal licensing regulatory board as an appraisal instructor or appraisal school administrator, they are not an appraisal licensee nor do I work in the appraisal business.  
  • The student taking the exam showed them positive photo identification prior to taking the examination.  
  • The student will not be allowed to receive any assistance in taking the examination.  
  • They will not permit the examination to be compromised in any way.

These are known as the proctor roles and responsibilities.  These are given at the proctor registration screen and the proctor will have to verify compliance at the end of the exam.

You can view the full proctor policies below:

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