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What are the steps to achieve the CGHA certification?

STEP 1:  Select the candidacy application, titled: Certified Green Home Appraiser Application.   The application and agreement are a combined form and are accessible under your McKissock Learning account, as a course product in “My Courses” on the McKissock Learning website.  If you have purchased our Certified Green Home Appraiser package, the application is included.  

Note: there is a one-year time frame to complete the certification program based on the date the first course is started.

STEP 2:  Successfully complete the three required CGHA appraisal courses. 

STEP 3:  Within 2 business days after successful completion of all three required courses and completion of a qualifying candidacy application, the CGHA Demonstration of Knowledge Exam will be placed in your account.

STEP 4:  The Demonstration of Knowledge Exam will be downloaded as a course product in “My Courses” on the McKissock Learning website.  Note: you will have a maximum of 30 days to complete the Demonstration of Knowledge Exam from the time the exam is opened unless the one-year certification deadline comes sooner in which case the exam must be completed by that date.

STEP 5: Take the Demonstration of Knowledge Exam.  There are two parts to this requirement.  One is an online multiple-choice exam, and the other is submission of a PV Value® report for grading.  You must complete your exam and submit your PV Value® report as instructed before the 30-day exam deadline. 

STEP 6:  After successfully passing the Demonstration of Knowledge Exam, you will receive instructions on how to download your CGHA certificate. This accreditation must be renewed every two years based on the date you are awarded the certification.

Your CGHA certification is valid for two years and can be renewed by completing a 4-hour recertification course.

If you think you want to pursue this certification, make sure to plan ahead to ensure you can complete the three courses and the exam within a one-year time frame. If you know you would like to pursue the CGHA certification, we encourage you to purchase the Certified Green Home Appraiser package (or purchase the three courses and the application if you are an Unlimited Learning Membership customer) and then start to take the required courses.  It is recommended that you apply for this program immediately, however, you may apply after you complete any or all of the three certification courses. Keep in mind the one-year maximum time frame from the start date of the first certification course.

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