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What if I do not pass the CGHA Demonstration of Knowledge Exam a second time?

If you wish to pursue this certification after failing to pass the exam on your second attempt, you will be required to retake the three online green home appraisal courses and pay a new application fee.  

Note: retaking these courses during the same appraisal renewal license period will not grant you an additional 14 hours of CE. 

For example:  your state appraisal license renewal period runs from Jan. 31, 2021 to Jan. 31, 2023 and you initially complete these three CE courses in June of 2021.  You twice fail either part of the Demonstration of Knowledge Exam and decide to retake the courses.  You retake the three green appraisal courses in August of 2021 during the same license renewal period.  There will not be an additional 14 hours of CE granted for this license renewal period. 

However, if you retake these three courses in February 2023 (during a new license renewal period), you may obtain 14 CE hours if you successfully complete all three courses.

*The North Carolina Appraisal Board does not grant continuing education credit for courses less than 3.5 hours in length. The 3-hour course may be completed as non-credit to meet the CGHA™ certification requirements.

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