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What is a proctor and why do I need one?

To obtain an Appraisal license or upgrade to a higher license level you are required to take and pass a proctored final examination. A proctor is a qualified person that administers an exam and upholds the integrity of the exam-taking process. 

  1. A qualified proctor is a disinterested person that administers an exam and upholds the integrity of the exam-taking process.
  2. Appraisal students in all states except AR, KY, and NY have the option of using our online proctoring partner or finding their own qualified in-person proctor.
  3. KY, and NY students must use in-person proctors.
  4. AR and NY students must choose a proctor from a pre-approved list of proctors.

If a student chooses to find their own qualified in-person proctor, McKissock cannot provide any assistance locating a proctor other than providing examples of qualified proctors. 

Examples of people who could serve as qualified in-person proctors are librarians, teachers, police officers, community volunteers, religious leaders, or someone who works in the public service industry.  

McKissock would prefer that you take your proctored exam at an educational facility – like a public library, community college, university, or other place where education occurs – although it is not required.  These facilities have computer banks, seasoned educators who are familiar with exam taking and provide a quiet atmosphere that is more conducive to exam taking.  Other examples would be post office, attorney’s office, police station, notary’s office, or other suitable location, by a proctor who represents the public interest in this transaction. 

Unqualified proctors would be anyone in your family, your supervisor, a co-worker, someone with whom you intend to be employed, or anyone who has a personal stake in whether you pass the exam.  Anyone who holds an appraisal license would also be ineligible to proctor exams. 

The student is obligated to arrange for the test with a qualified proctor. If audited, you would not want your proctor choice to stand between you and your career.  It is notappropriate or advised to take the exam at a private residence.  Your proctor must be present and able to view you and your screen for the exam. 

Proctor duties include, but are not limited to: 

  • Check your photo ID before you login to take your exam
  • Verify that you did not bring any materials into the exam or have any materials in your possession while taking the exam which includes your cell phone
  • Verify that you did not leave the testing site during the exam
  • Verify that you were not on your phone or accessing other websites or materials during the exam
  • Verify that you did not talk with or have contact with anyone while taking your exam
  • Collect any scratch paper or materials that you may have used to work math problems 

You can view the proctor requirements on the state requirements pages on our website. 

You can view the full proctor policies below:

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