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For over 30 years, we have sourced the top instructors and authors to bring our students courses with up-to-date, relevant information. Our instructor aren’t just great teachers – they’re also active, professional appraisers. Many of them have decades of experience in the real world.


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Flexible learning

Taking your education courses online provides a flexible, convenient, learn at your own pace experience. Online courses are available 24/7. For appraisal continuing education, you also have the option of live local classes and interactive webinars.


Developed by top appraisal experts, our USPAP course covers everything you need to know about the latest updates to USPAP. McKissock is the provider for The Appraisal Foundation’s official online USPAP course, which includes interactive case studies and downloadable aids.


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How to become an appraiser

There are generally three steps to becoming an appraiser: education, on-the-job training and time. The number of hours and time vary by state so be sure to check your state's specific license requirements so you know exactly what you need.

Take the trainee qualifying education courses

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No matter what state you live in, you must take appraisal trainee qualifying education courses from an accredited appraisal school. In general, appraisal trainees need 75 hours of education, sometimes more depending on your state's requirements*. No experience is required to start your appraisal qualifying education courses. In most states, you can take your courses online so you can learn at your own pace.


*Note that in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky,  and Wisconsin, you are required to take more than 75 hours of qualifying education courses.

Train with an appraisal mentor or supervisor

Once you complete your qualifying education courses, you need to train under a supervisor. Working with a supervisory appraiser gives you the opportunity to gain and grow your understanding of the appraisal process. You need 2,000 hours of training under your supervisor over a period of not less than one year.


Upgrade your appraisal license

Once you complete your qualifying education courses and have 2,000 hours of training, you can upgrade your license. You have several options for upgrading, and each level has different education and experience requirements. Each level also has different requirements for college-level course requirements. The three levels you can upgrade to include: Licensed Appraiser, Certified Residential Appraiser and Certified General Appraiser.


Why take appraisal qualifying education from McKissock?

State- and board-approved courses

Our approved courses feature the most up-to-date and important appraisal insights you need for your trainee education

career application

Apply the skills you learn in each course to the appraisal career you are embarking on


Our courses are designed to help you generate better income, work more efficiently and advance your career

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Flexible learning

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What does your state require?

Find appraisal qualifying education courses in your state

Select your state to view our appraisal qualifying education courses and packages. Courses fulfill the required hours you need to become an appraisal trainee. Our curriculum is designed around the appraisal basics and industry insights you need to start your appraisal career off on the right foot. Courses are updated monthly and are state- and board-approved.

  • "I love using McKissock! I can do things based on my own schedule and, while many places offer online classes, McKissock keeps them interesting and that helps to maintain my focus. It was great to be able to take classes that actually taught me things that I can apply to my every day work load. And the best part was that the classes were not boring."

    Kelly D.

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  • "Being able to take classes online works perfectly with my busy lifestyle. The courses are excellent, the accompanying videos make the lessons very clear, and the real world examples are helpful. These classes refresh my memory on important appraisal rules. I have the peace of mind in knowing that my work is up-to-date with changing regulations."

    Elizabeth S.

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  • "I have been utilizing McKissock for continuing education for many years with both live classroom and website classes. I consistently find McKissock to provide professional instructors with great knowledge of the requirements and everyday pitfalls of our industry. They always provide a wide variety of courses that apply to my needs and have greatly increased my potential for taking on many different types of appraisal assignments with the confidence and experience required to complete a credible report."

    James Y.

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Appraisal pre-license course ratings and reviews

Appraisal license upgrade options

Once you have your appraisal qualifying education and trainee hours under your belt, you'll want to consider what license level is right for you. Each level requires different skills and allows you to appraise different types of properties. See which license level is right for you:

Take the appraisal path that works for you:

Trainee Trainee
Appraise properties that your superving appraiser is permitted to appraise.

• There is no college degree requirement for trainee

• As a trainee you'll get the experience hours you need to obtain a higher license level
Licensed Appraiser Licensed Appraiser
Appraise simple residential properties with transaction limits.

• No college-level course requirements
Certified Residential Certified Residential
Appraise complex residential properties with no transaction limit.

• College-level education requirements
Certified General Certified General
Also known as a commericial appraiser, you can appraise all residential and commercial property types.

• College-level education requirements