Residential Report Writing and Case Studies

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An appraisal report is both the final step and a critical element in the appraisal process. Get up-to-speed on the techniques and procedures associated with writing a proper appraisal report and uncover the various reporting options available. 

  • Learn the foundational requirements for these reports, which are taken from USPAP and intended users such as Fannie Mae and HUD 
  • Enhance your learning with interactive case studies on a single-family dwelling and a three-unit residential income property 

Chapter list:

1. Appraising vs. Reporting
2. Reporting Basics and Options
3. Appraisal Report
4. The Uniform Residential Appraisal Report
5. The Uniform Appraisal Dataset
6. Other Form Reporting Options
7. Narrative Appraisal Reports
8. Disclosure of Scope of Work and Assignment Conditions
9. Single-Family Case Study
10. Case Study - Small Residential Income Property