5 Resources to Help You Avoid Appraisal Errors and Violations

As busy real estate appraiser, both your time and your professional reputation are extremely valuable. One thing you can do to help save time and preserve your standing as an ethical and reliable property appraiser is to put a little extra time and effort toward avoiding appraisal errors and violations. While most common appraisal errors are minor and won’t result in disciplinary action, even small mistakes take time to correct and therefore slow down your process.

Browse the following resources designed to help you avoid common appraisal errors and violations.

1. How to avoid mistakes in appraisal reports

Here’s a compilation of the most common errors and deficiencies found in appraisal reports by reviewers, regulators, and appraisal boards:

25 Common Errors in Appraisal Reports

2. How to avoid minor appraisal violations

In this article, Dan Bradley outlines several examples of less serious development and reporting violations:

8 Common Violations Made by Appraisers

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3. How to handle feedback from reviewers

Here, a review appraiser gives advice on how to make reviews as painless as possible if you’re the one being reviewed:

What to Do When Your Appraisal Is Under Review

4. How to avoid disciplinary action

In this article, Dan Bradley outlines several do’s and don’ts to help you steer clear of appraisal complaints that may result in disciplinary action:

Avoid Appraisal Disciplinary Action with These Do’s and Don’ts

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5. What happens when a complaint is filed

This article gives the 30,000-foot view of how disciplinary complaints are handled, including a flowchart showing how appraisal complaints are enforced in one state:

How Are Appraisal Complaints Enforced?

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