7 Reasons to Love Being an Appraiser

Reasons to love being an appraiser

Real estate appraisers are reportedly 25% more satisfied in their careers, on average, compared to American workers across all professions. There are many reasons to love being an appraiser, such as having a flexible schedule, earning a good living, and doing challenging work. Last month we asked our real estate appraisal community, “What do you enjoy MOST about being an appraiser?” Below, we share their thoughts about which aspects of an appraisal career are the most appealing.

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What do you enjoy MOST about being an appraiser?

1. Being your own boss

“In the midst of COVID-19 my appraisal business has been busier than ever. I believe that being my own boss and having the ability to decide how much I want to work and what I want to focus on has enabled me to make it through this last year and will continue to help me make it through the next. However, it has still been a struggle to find that ‘work-life’ balance in the midst of all the craziness.”

“After ‘working for the man’ for 20+ years, I changed careers to be an appraiser. Working for myself has been the biggest reward, offering flexibility and a healthy work-life balance.”

“Being self-employed and having the ability to dictate my own schedule, time off, and quantity of assignments is of paramount importance to me for lifestyle quality.”

“2021 will be my 18th year in the business and I am thankful that I took the chance then to become what I am now and continue to enjoy doing what I do and continue learning about the business.”

“Even after 15+ years of appraising, I am still enthusiastic and enjoy being busy. It’s a giant puzzle and I get a feeling of accomplishment when a completed report is finally submitted. The revision requests I don’t always care for but I realize it’s part of the job.”

2. Having a flexible schedule

“Being able to set my own hours, as long as I get the job done.”

“Tackle the workflow when its heavy, and enjoy the reprieve when it lightens up!”

“I have four children, a dog, and a husband. Having a flexible work schedule is a lifesaver. I also love what I do!!!!”

“I have two children under 2. Having the flexibility to be a present mother while also engaging in my career is the best decision I have made.”

“Working as a certified real estate appraiser during a pandemic, while assisting with virtual school for my twin sons at home? What a crazy time! However, the flexibility of scheduling my site visits and typing assignments around my children’s virtual school hours has been a HUGE perk during this unprecedented time in our history. I am grateful for this career and also felt that our role in the real estate industry was proven very essential back in the spring. We were able to adapt assignments with hypothetical conditions, so we were able to complete assignments safely from the exterior which kept the facilitation of sales transactions, refis, or equity lines of credit moving, proving we are essential to this industry.”

“When I decided to become an appraiser, I was at the halfway point of earning my degree to become a Respiratory Therapist. Juggling two jobs, college courses and raising two small children at the time, had me feeling like the Ringmaster of an unorganized, chaotic circus. I spent many hours researching alternative careers during this time due to having no control over my work/school/life schedule. I ultimately decided to pause college, quit one job and pursue becoming an appraiser. Realizing that with enough motivation and drive, I could eventually have a career that would allow me to have control of my schedule while working from home…well that set my decision in stone. I acquired my Limited License, found work with two reputable appraisers to supervise and have never looked back. Being able to work from home and set my own schedule allowed me to eliminate the cost of child care and the need for a second job. I’ve been able to provide for and actively raise my, now, five children! Almost 20 years later, I haven’t had 1 day of regret in my decision to change my career path. Onward and upward!”

3. Earning a respectable income

“Great flexibility and good income.”

The amount of income of an appraiser earns depends on many factors, including license level, years of experience, and key competencies. On average, licensed appraisers earn $69,167 a year, certified residential appraisers earn $71,667, and certified general appraisers earn $87,685.

4. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance

“I am currently an appraiser trainee. I recently quit my corporate job managing family medicine practices to become an appraiser and haven’t looked back. I enjoy all aspects of the job, as well as the flexibility. I believe in excellent customer service and I plan on making my largest impact in that arena of my business. It was a tough go in our area to find someone that was willing to train, but I was lucky enough to find a family friend that would and he has been awesome to work with. I am extremely grateful. I would say that is one of the biggest hurdles to becoming an appraiser is the willingness of the local appraiser group to take on trainees. I am guessing this is an issue in many areas, not just my neck of the woods. My advice to others, keep working at it and trying to find the one that will help you out, it will be worth it.”

5. Doing challenging work

“The concept of our work, to arrive at an opinion of value, seems simple enough; however, arriving at an OMV that is also the opinion of the most likely potential buyer of the property being appraised is the true challenge, and arriving at that conclusion is a reward all its own.”

“The best part is the fact that gender does not matter, only competency. Both genders get paid the same and only the work speaks to who is the better appraiser. Other jobs might pay women less, which is why I left banking to appraise.”

6. Having diverse work opportunities

“I like the opportunity to see all kinds of homes, from small ranches to large custom designed homes. It fulfills my love of architecture and history, especially when appraising antique homes.”

“The work is challenging, diverse, and requires you to stay abreast of changes on many fronts. Paired with being in control of your own time and income makes for a very desirable career.”

“I enjoy the varied and different types of homes I am able to appraise.”

7. All of the above

Several respondents could not narrow it down to just one reason to love being an appraiser. Instead, they wrote in,”All of the above.” For many appraisers, it’s the combination of all of these different factors that makes for an enjoyable and rewarding career.

“It was hard to answer just one because I truly feel like all of these apply to myself. I love my job so much. It gives me the freedom I want to live my life.”

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