6 Appraisal Software Tools to Streamline Your Process

5 Appraisal Software Tools to Streamline Your ProcessAppraisal software offers myriad opportunities to improve your efficiency and increase your productivity. Real estate appraisers know all too well that time is money. So how can you streamline your appraisal process to complete more appraisals per month? There are several software companies out there offering innovative solutions. Here are several appraisal software tools worth checking out.

Redstone analytics software

Bradford Technologies offers Redstone, a software package providing advanced analytics for appraisers. The company claims that, with this appraisal software, you can add analytical credibility to your report and complete your appraisal faster. Redstone helps you determine adjustments, quickly identify the best comps, and document the selection process for comparables. And it automatically generates a 1004MC.

HomePuter forms processing software

HomePuter’s Forms Processing Software package includes the latest Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, and VA forms, as well as Lender/Client-specific forms and AMC-specific forms. It also comes with USPAP addenda, auto-mapping, FEMA flood maps, census data, photo imaging, free signature scan, and other features. And it includes a compliance checker that provides warnings and corrects errors.

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TOTAL sketching software

a la mode by CoreLogic provides TOTAL Sketch and TOTAL Sketch Pro, easy-to-use floor-plan sketching software for desktop and mobile. The standard version is free, or you can buy the Pro version to get more advanced time-saving features. TOTAL Sketch Pro includes Trace mode, photometrics, and free integration with other sketching programs like RapidSketch and Apex.

Both versions integrate seamlessly with the TOTAL system, a form-filling facilitator that includes various data-entry shortcuts and enhances your ability to reuse comps and spread an appraisal across many screens.

ACI analytics software

The ACI Analytics desktop collection performs analytics and contains a listing database to facilitate property cost analyses. The desktop suite includes sketching software, location maps, UAD compliance features, market conditions analysis, appraisal delivery, and additional plug-ins for flood maps, data storage, and more. The company claims its services are highly compatible with other digital tools. They offer two different membership plans, one tailored toward individual appraisers, and the other toward multi-appraiser companies.

Appraise-It software suite

SFREP’s Appraise-It software gives you the advantage of being able to include photos, sketches, maps, signatures, and more—all in one report. Plus, it automatically applies adjustments. From form-filling and sketching to managing comps and photos, this appraisal software suite offers a wide array of time-saving features.

Anow appraisal management software

With Anow’s Appraisal Tracking software, you can manage all your orders, clients, fees, and more using one unified platform. Additionally, Anow offers many easy-to-use features—such as calendar, map, email, invoicing, and financial analytics features—to help further improve your workflow and business organization.

If you are new to the world of online appraisal software, we hope this gives you an idea of what’s available out there and where to start. Want to learn more? Check out our articles: 7 Must-Have Apps for Appraisers and 12 Technology Tools for Your Appraisal Business.

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