5 Appraisal Software Tools to Streamline Your Process

10 Appraisal Software Tools to Streamline Your Process

Appraisal software makes it easy to improve your efficiency and increase your productivity without sacrificing accuracy. The right software can even streamline your appraisal process so you can complete more appraisals each month. But how do you choose the best appraisal software? To give you a bit of added insight, here are several real estate appraisal software options worth checking out.

10 appraisal software tools


DataMaster Pro is appraisal data management software built by appraisers for appraisers. It offers flexibility to help appraisers obtain data from a preferred source, including the MLS or other public record sources and claims to save appraisers over 60 minutes per report.

DataMaster Pro also includes:

  • Broad and subject-specific market analysis
  • Neighborhood analysis
  • Customizable graphs
  • CompTracker, a personal comparable database
  • Automated creation of valuation workfiles
  • Workfile sharing
  • Plat maps

Price: Plans start at $49/month
Trial: 30-day trial for new users


Spark is another popular appraisal software option that is easy to use and claims to save appraisers up to 60 minutes per report. This platform offers comprehensive data analysis for accurate and reliable results. Appraisers can import data tailored to each market and analyze MLS data to provide optimal results.

Use Spark for trend analysis, cost approach analysis, and digital workfile compilation. A Spark subscription also includes DwellingCost data and site value tools (extraction, allocation, vacant land sales).

Price: $49/month
Trial: Yes, 12 free reports

Synapse by Spark

While not included in the Spark subscription, Synapse was developed by Spark as an adjustment support tool. This robust and transparent software allows you to analyze large groups of data via multiple methods, including paired sales analysis, grouped data, six types of simple linear regression, sensitivity analysis, and depreciated cost to reconcile reliable adjustments.  Synapse generates a digital workfile that compiles comments, adjustment methods, calculations, the original uploaded data, and additional information.  Synapse provides tools for “cleaning” MLS data, create data templates, and customize data settings.

Price: $30/month
Trial: Yes, a two-week free trial


The Aloft Appraiser Toolkit offers several features to help you complete valuations accurately and efficiently, reducing the likelihood of revisions, missed adjustments, or double adjustments. These features include:

  • Depreciated cost
  • Site extraction
  • Paired sales
  • Market adjustments
  • Recommended comps

Aloft also integrates local cost data from Dwellingcost.com, county records, and national listings plus image analysis technology while then allowing you to directly export information to SFREP’s Appraise-It Pro and a la mode’s TOTAL for a seamless experience.

Price: $29/month
Trial: Free for first 30 days

Solomon Adjustment Calculator

The Solomon Adjustment Calculator contains a suite of calculators to make the Depreciated Cost Method fast and convenient, tailored specifically for the sales grid. By licensing cost data, this tool requires no additional purchases. The Depreciated Cost Method, which is predictive and repeatable, uses market-based depreciation adjustments. This tool can support the remaining economic life, sales comparison adjustments, site value, and more.

Calculators include:

  • Solomon Adjustment
  • Solomon Cost
  • Solomon Cost New
  • Solomon Site
  • Solomon Manufacture,
  • Solomon Market Time.

Soloman Plus includes additional features including Sidekick, Secondary Data, Sensitivity Analysis, and Forecast (Inferential) Analysis, as well as integration with Bradford Technologies’ Clickforms.

Price: $30/month or $300 annual (Solomon Plus)
Price: $15/month or $150 annual (Original 6 calculators)
Trial: Free for 14 days


The ACI One Collection is a full suite of tools in one appraisal software platform. offers a complete software solution for appraisers, including:

  • Hundreds of appraisal reports for all types of assignments plus file management for images, addenda, sketches, and signatures
  • Over 500 forms with an enhanced management tool to find what you need
  • ACI Analytics™ to help you analyze market conditions, property characteristics, and more
  • ACI Track™ produces reports to measure productivity, turnaround time, workload, and administrative reports.
  • Research tools allow you to find comps using several parameters while CrossCheck lets you preview data, compare discrepancies, and merge data.

ACI One also integrates with other ACI tools and appraisal software, including Apex Sketch, DataMaster, PropMix, SPARK, and AppraiserBase.

Price: $649/year
Trial: None

SFREP Appraise-It Pro

Appraise-It Pro from SFREP offers several real estate appraisal software solutions in one package, including:

  • Form-filling software has UAD formatting and an intuitive interface
  • Comp Manager collects and organizes information and photos with automated indexing and filing
  • Image Manager lets you take images and effortlessly drag and drop them into your reports
  • Sketch-It is a streamlined sketching tool with multiple features
  • AppraisalPort takes your unformatted data and images and reconstructs the report into an ENV file.
  • Street Maps lets you label your subject, comps, and listings or draw out boundaries and transfer your notes to an unlimited number of map addenda.

All subscriptions include the listed features above while higher-tiered plans add additional tools and features.

Price: Plans begin at $49/month
Trial: Up to six months free


Bradford Technologies’ ClickForms is a comprehensive and intuitive appraisal software featuring:

  • ClickFORMS Online; you can coordinate reports with your colleagues and teammates, access your reports from anywhere, and communicate via a “sticky note ”comment tool, eliminating the need to email or transfer files and updates.
  • Redstone: a software package that provides advanced analytics for appraisers to support adjustments and comp selection; includes easy integration into the report.
  • Inspect-A-Lot; inspection guide that mimics an appraiser’s inspection providing easier navigation for completing the applicable data fields and uploading photos. Includes an integrated sketcher for creating floorplans which transfer to your report with the calculated GLA.
  • ClickFORMS XML batch converter: easily convert your Total and ACI UAD XML files to ClickFORMS reducing the time spent switching from a prior appraisal software program.

Price: Various memberships available, starting at $49/month
Includes Free ClickFORMS for a trainee (see Membership packages)
Trial: 30-days free


Among other tools, a la mode by CoreLogic offers TOTAL, appraisal software to support filling out forms. This intuitive, stable platform can streamline your reporting with the following features:

  • Side-by-side comps to show your comps, rentals, and listings on one scrolling screen.
  • Auto adjustments for both UAD and non-UAD reports
  • Comps grid with a detailed view breaks down fields into line-items for easy adjustments
  • SmartAddress displays side-by-side all previous versions of a property you’ve used and lets you merge entire records

TOTAL for Mobile and TOTAL Sketch Pro are two supporting appraisal software tools included with TOTAL. TOTAL for Mobile is intuitive appraisal formfilling software that enables you to “ditch your clipboard,” go paperless and save time on every report. TOTAL Sketch Pro is a floorplan sketching solution for both desktop and mobile. It includes a Trace Mode feature for two-story and basement properties to provide maximum efficiency.

Price: Plans start at $728/year
Trial: Free 30-day trial


As a project management tool, Anow appraisal software simplifies how you manage your orders, reports, clients, and fees. With several easy-to-use features—such as calendar, map, email, invoicing, and financial analytics features—it helps you improve your workflow and business organization. Anow can also automate tasks, aid in compliance with a built-in compliance checker, and offers a variety of reporting tools to help you generate reports quickly and easily. Appraisers also like the mobile app to collect data, access reports, and manage workflow from anywhere.

Anow also offers Reports Now, a cloud-based collaborative appraisal form filler that enables you to build reports better and faster. These tools help automate tedious tasks, collaborate in the field, complete more orders, and get a clear picture of your appraisal company’s performance.

Price: Plans start at $39/month
Trial: 30-day free trial

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