8 Appraisal Software Tools to Streamline Your Process

5 Appraisal Software Tools to Streamline Your Process

Appraisal software offers myriad opportunities to improve your efficiency and increase your productivity. Real estate appraisers know all too well that time is money. So, how can you streamline your appraisal process to complete more appraisals per month? There are several software companies out there offering innovative solutions. Here are several appraisal software tools worth checking out.


DataMaster Pro is an appraisal data management software package that includes market analysis, neighborhood analysis, automated creation of strong workfiles for defensible analyses, CompTracker personal comparable database, and other features such as plat maps and office workfile sharing. This software has been built for appraisers, by appraisers, and the company boasts that you can save over 60 minutes per appraisal report with DataMaster Pro.  


Spark is another popular appraisal software option. You can use it for data importing, trend analysis, cost approach analysis, and digital workfile compilation. DwellingCost data and site value tools (extraction, allocation, vacant land sales) are included with a Spark subscription. Additionally, Synapse by Spark is a useful tool for supporting appraisal adjustments. Synapse allows you to analyze large groups of data via multiple methods in order to reconcile reliable adjustments. 


RemoteVal is a remote inspection tool by Incenter Appraisal Management. It’s designed to keep appraisers in control of a virtual property inspection through advanced remote video technology. RemoteVal enables you to visually observe, remotely photograph, and remotely scan a property to generate a floor plan. As a turnkey web-based appraisal software, you use the tool on a pay-per-use basis, setting your own fees and controlling the property inspection without needing to rely on third-party data. 

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Bradford Technologies

Bradford Technologies offers ClickFORMS and Redstone. Redstone is a software package providing advanced analytics for appraisers. The company claims that, with this appraisal software, you can add analytical credibility to your report and complete your appraisal faster. Redstone helps you determine adjustments, quickly identify the best comps, and document the selection process for comparables. And it automatically generates the 1004MC form. The Redstone analytics help you to identify comparable sales in your neighborhood and provide the details reviewers look for. 


Among other tools, a la mode by CoreLogic offers TOTAL for Mobile and TOTAL Sketch Pro—two popular appraisal software tools worth checking out. TOTAL for Mobile is intuitive appraisal formfilling software that enables you to “ditch your clipboard,” go paperless and save time on every report. TOTAL Sketch Pro is a floorplan sketching solution for both desktop and mobile. It includes a Trace Mode feature for two-story and basement properties to provide maximum efficiency. 


ACI offers a complete software solution for appraisers, including analytics, sketching software, location maps, UAD compliance features, market conditions analysis, appraisal delivery, and additional plug-ins for flood maps, data storage, and more. ACI has recently added Sky Delivery and Sky Review, quality-control risk analysis tools designed to streamline the review process and reduce revision rates.  

Two different membership plans are available, one tailored toward individual appraisers, and the other toward multi-appraiser companies. The company claims its services are highly compatible with other digital tools and offers integration support for an additional fee. 


SFREP software subscriptions include Appraise-It Pro formfilling software as well as Comp Manager, Image Manager, Sketch-It, AIReady, Street Maps, BuildFax, and Total Connect by CoreLogic. Several subscription upgrades and add-on products are also available, such as SFREP Websites (professional website builder) and Marshall & Swift Estimator, so you can customize your subscription according to your needs. This software is built using Microsoft’s latest Windows technology, letting you remain in complete control but providing help when you need it.  


With Anow appraisal software, you can manage all your orders, clients, fees, and more using one unified platform. Additionally, Anow offers many easy-to-use features—such as calendar, map, email, invoicing, and financial analytics features—to help further improve your workflow and business organization. Anow also offers Reports Now, a cloud-based collaborative appraisal form filler that enables you to build reports better and faster. These tools help automate tedious tasks, collaborate in the field, complete more orders, and get a clear picture of your appraisal company’s performance.  

If you are new to the world of online appraisal software, we hope this gives you an idea of what’s available out there and where to start. Want to learn more? Browse appraisal technology articles.

Editor’s note: This post was updated in July 2023.

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