FREE Webinar with Fannie Mae: New Undervaluation Risk Flag, Update on Desktop Appraisals, and More

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On Wednesday, September 28, McKissock Learning is hosting a FREE one-hour, non-credit Pro-Series webinar titled “An Hour with Fannie Mae.” In this special interactive webinar, you’ll hear information on the new undervaluation risk flag in Collateral Underwriter (CU), an in-depth discussion of Appraisal Quality Monitoring, and an update on desktop appraisals. Fannie Mae representatives will be on hand to answer your questions on these appraisal topics and more.

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About the webinar

In this webinar, we’ve pulled together subject matter experts from the Policy and Loan Quality teams at Fannie Mae to share their knowledge with you. We’ll provide some insights on the new undervaluation risk flag in Collateral Underwriter (CU) and show you how a reviewer might use CU to review an appraisal when that flag is present. We’ll also dive into our Appraiser Quality Monitoring, sharing types of letters and how the process works. Finally, we’ll share an update on desktop appraisals, and what we’ve been seeing since that option was rolled out earlier this year.

Meet the panelists

Lyle Radke is the Senior Director of the Collateral Policy team, helping establish and maintain policy standards for appraisals and property eligibility. Lyle has worked in the appraisal and risk management industry for more than 20 years. Since joining Fannie Mae in 2013, he has worked on a large number of collateral policy initiatives, including Collateral Underwriter® (CU®), our web-based application for lenders.

Rachel Beam-Jares is a passionate leader who has extensive experience in the mortgage and real estate industry. As Director of Valuation Equity, Rachel has a focus on appraisal specific issues related to policies and programs that promote inclusion and equity. In her prior role at Fannie Mae, she led a team of valuation professionals who were responsible for managing the quality and accuracy of appraisal products procured by a panel of over 500 appraisers. She is a champion of diversity in the appraisal industry, including her leadership of the Appraiser Diversity Initiative, aimed at bringing awareness and support to potential new entrants. Originally from California, she currently holds an appraisal certification in the state of Arizona, where she now lives. Prior to working at Fannie Mae, Rachel has held consulting and management roles with various financial institutions.

Keisha Wilkinson is a Marketing Specialist at Fannie Mae, focused on communicating information on appraisal related policies. She began her career in real estate appraisal in 2003, and still holds her General Certification in the state of Texas. Keisha joined Fannie Mae in 2011, holding various valuation related roles. She now uses that experience to develop and implement marketing and communications strategies for lenders, appraisers, and appraisal management companies, including creating newsletters, videos, and trainings. Keisha also works on the team encouraging new entrants to the appraisal profession through the Appraiser Diversity Initiative.

Mary Raver is an analyst on the Collateral Policy team. Mary has worked at Fannie Mae for ten years originally as part of a team of appraisers that tested Collateral Underwriter before it was released, then in the Appraiser Quality Monitoring group before moving to policy. Prior to working for Fannie Mae, Mary spent twenty years appraising mostly residential properties in the Baltimore-Washington area and then worked as a reviewer for different banks before coming to Fannie Mae.  Additionally Mary is responsible for answering questions that come into the our Appraiser Engagement mailbox.

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