Productivity Tips: How to Maximize Your Efficiency as an Appraiser

Appraisal office space filled with productivity

Looking for ways to increase efficiency and productivity within your appraisal business? We’ve put together some of our favorite resources to turn to for productivity tips. The following list includes advice on how to stay motivated and focused, how to leverage technology, and, in general, how to squeeze the most juice out of your workday so that you can complete more appraisal assignments per month and per year.

How to stay motivated as a small business owner

It’s going to be hard to maximize your productivity if you don’t feel motivated in your work. If you are an independent appraiser or run a small appraisal company, these motivational tips from Savvy Entrepreneur are a great place to start. They provide insights on how to keep going, even when the going is tough.

If you are passionate about your business and the work you do as an appraiser, you’ll be more likely to thrive. In fact, survey data shows that happy appraisers earn a higher annual income. According to survey data from the 2019 Appraisal Income Guide, “Appraisers who are very satisfied with their career earn over $47,000 more than appraisers who are not satisfied.”

How to make the most of your workday

Time management is a common struggle for appraisers. But if you can learn to master this skill, you can earn more. Survey data shows that real estate appraisers who excel at time management earn $51,769 more per year than those who fail to manage their time efficiently. For helpful time-saving tips and tricks, check out this New York Times article on how to enhance your productivity during the workday.

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6 productivity tips for work-at-home parents

Many people are drawn to the appraisal profession because it offers a flexible schedule that allows them to juggle work and parenting. If you are an active appraiser with a new baby or young child at home, read these productivity tips for work-at-home parents from The Muse. Pick and choose the tips that work for you.

Since work-at-home moms and dads in the appraisal business are likely to spend lots of time in the car, possibly bringing young kids along to appraisal appointments, you might also appreciate these car organization hacks.

More productivity tips and resources for appraisers

Below we’ve included a few top resources from our own blog, specifically designed for real estate appraisers. Check out the following articles for tips and tools to help you streamline your appraisal process, spend less time on email, and work smarter with your AMC partners, so that you can ultimately complete more orders and earn more money.

Here are several software tools that can help you increase productivity and efficiency:

6 Appraisal Software Tools to Streamline Your Process

Here are tips on how to spend less time on email:

7 Ways for Appraisers to Spend Less Time on Email

Here’s some great advice on how to work with AMCs (appraisal management companies):

Top 10 Tips for Working with AMCs

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