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How do I take and access course notes?

You can take notes as you progress in your online courses.

  1. Add note – Clicking this will add a note for the chapter you are currently in
  2. Take your notes – The white space will open once you click “add notes”
  3. Save notes – Once you have completed typing your notes click on “save.” If you don’t wish to save that note click “cancel”
  4. View or edit notes – After it is saved the notes will show underneath the chapter. You can edit or delete your notes
  5. Show all chapters – When you click on “show all chapters” it will bring up boxes for each chapter. Just click on the chapter to view those notes. Click on “go to your current chapter” to go to the chapter you are working on.
  6. Closing notes – Click the red “X” in the top left to close the notes. Be sure to save note before closing.

You can view notes for a course directly from your MyMcKissock Page. To take the notes, you must be within the course.

  • After you log in click on “Course Notes.”
  • Click on “Show Course Notes”
  • Click on the chapter notes you wish to view
  • View your notes or print notes

Other information and tips on course notes

  • Can I copy and paste? With most courses you cannot copy and paste
  • Can I print my notes?  Yes, but only from the MyMcKissock Page
  • Save notes often.
  • Don’t spend to much time before saving a note, in most cases it will log you out after 10 minutes. It will not auto save the note in that case

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