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Does McKissock provide a list of approved proctors?

Arkansas and New York require students use a proctor from a preapproved list. All other states allow students to locate their own qualified proctors.  

  • Click HERE to see the Arkansas list of proctor locations. 
  • Click HERE to see the New York list of approved proctor locations.

For the remainder of the states, McKissock can only provide guidelines and example of qualified, proctors, not approved lists of locations. Please read the following examples and guidelines.

  • Examples of people who could serve as a proctor would be librarians, teachers, police officers, community volunteers, religious leaders, or someone who works in the public service industry.  McKissock would prefer that students  take their  proctored exams at an educational facility – like a public library, community college, university or other place where education occurs – although it is not required.  These facilities have computer banks, seasoned educators who are familiar with exam taking and provide a quiet atmosphere that is more conducive to exam taking.  Other examples would be post office, attorney’s office, police station, notary’s office, or other suitable location, by a proctor who represents the public interest in this transaction. 
  • Unqualified proctors would be anyone in  the student’s family,  the student’s  supervisor,  co-worker, someone with whom  they intend to be employed, or anyone who has a vested interest in whether they pass the exam.  Anyone who holds an appraisal license would also be ineligible to proctor exams. 
  • It is the obligation of the student to arrange for the test with a suitable proctor.    It is generally not appropriate or advised to take the exam at a private residence.  The  proctor must be present and able to view the student and the computer screen for the duration of the exam. 

You can view the full proctor policies below:

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