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What is the test format for my proctored exam?


All Appraisal final proctored exams consist of multiple-choice questions.  The number of questions varies depending upon the course. 

All proctored exams have time limits, which vary depending upon the length of the course (longer courses allow longer times for proctored exams). 

  • 15-hr courses – 1 hour (except Commercial Appraisal Review and Expert Witness which are 1.5 hours)
  • 20-hr courses – 2 hours
  • 30-hr courses – 3 hours
  • 60-hr course – 5 hours

Number of Exam Attempts

The number of exam attempts is regulated by the local appraisal board so it varies by state and license type. Most states allow 3 attempts at each proctored final exam, but some states limit attempts to 2.   

If you’re a student in an online course and don’t pass the exam within the designated number of attempts your course will be uploaded again (free of charge) and you will need to go through the course again to gain another set of attempts. Students in livestream courses have the option to pay to take the course again in a livestream setting or they can be enrolled in an online version (where allowed) at no charge.  

Students should not enter any courses marked ‘failed’ on their dashboards as they cannot earn credit in a failed course.  

You can view the full proctor policies below:

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