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Does the package you offer cover everything I need to renew?

Each state is different in regards to what is required for your license renewal.

For this little guide I am using Arkansas Real Estate for the example, but the process will be the same to check for any state you are licensed in.

  1. Click on the profession you are interested in, and use the drop down menu to fill out state and type of education. Once entered we will click find courses:

    Find Courses

  2. Now to determine what you will need for your renewal we are going to go to the full requirements section to see what is needed.

    Full Requirements

  3. The full requirements section will explain what is necessary for your renewal for example:

  4. Now we are going to go back to the package options to see if we cover what is needed for your renewal by clicking on “Shop Courses”:

    Shop Courses

  5. So now we will have different options. The CE Plus will give you 1 full year access to all of the continuing education for your state so you can pick and choose what you would like to take. The other options are pre-bundled packages.


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