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I have completed my required education courses for licensing, what are my next steps?

Depending on which level of license you will be applying for – there will be some additional steps needed once your education is completed to start working as an appraiser.

  1. Find and fill out your licensing application form on the Appraisal Board site for your state
  2. If you are new to the field – find a Supervising appraiser to start working on your experience hours
  3. If you are becoming a licensed residential appraiser or higher, you will need to schedule and take your national appraisal exam
  4. If you are new to the field – you will need to submit your fingerprints and undergo a background check

The Appraisal Foundation has a page dedicated to the subject of the national exam. You can view that page HERE.

This page contains links to the list of AQB approved examination providers. You will be able to find your provider and view their websites HERE.

You can also view the exam content outline HERE. This outline will help you determine what areas to focus your study before the exam.

Below is a table with links to each state’s Appraisal Board where you will find information on your application process and other tips on licensing.

Alabama Hawaii Michigan North Carolina Texas
Arizona Idaho Minnesota North Dakota Utah
Arkansas Illinois Mississippi Ohio Vermont
California Indiana Missouri Oklahoma Virgin Islands
Colorado Iowa Montana Oregon Virginia
Connecticut Kansas Nebraska Pennsylvania Washington
Delaware Kentucky Nevada Puerto Rico West Virginia
District of Columbia Louisiana New Jersey Rhode Island Wisconsin
Florida Maine New Mexico South Carolina Wyoming
Georgia Maryland New York South Dakota

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