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What is USPAP Mastery?

Mastery is a specific requirement of the Appraiser Qualifications Board for any USPAP course taken via online or distance learning to ensure the student understands the material.

USPAP Mastery has two criteria:

  1. Accuracy. The question must be answered correctly
  2. Fluency. The question must be answered within a preset allotted time
    If the question is answered correctly, though not within the allotted time, mastery has not been met for that question

The Mastery Process follows two scenarios to ensure students meet the Mastery Criteria:

  1. Single Mastery Cycle Scenario.  All mastery assessment questions are answered correctly on the first pass through the module, and the student can move on to the next module, having met mastery on the first attempt
  2. Multiple Mastery Cycle Scenarios. If one or more questions is answered incorrectly for a given assessment/quiz, the mastery criteria have not been met and must subsequently go through at least one more mastery cycle and answer correctly twice all the assessment questions that weren’t mastered during the first pass before advancing to the next module.

For more specific information regarding all specifications for online USPAP as outlined by the AQB visit Appraiser Qualification Board Specifications.

McKissock must follow these requirements to offer the USPAP Course online.

If you have any other questions regarding USPAP mastery or its course formatting please contact our Customer Service Team.

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