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Why can’t I enroll without paying for my USPAP book?

The Appraisal Foundation mandates that each student have an updated copy of the Publication and the USPAP Guidance and Reference Manual when they take the course and must bring it to class with them each day. We charge for both books the updated USPAP Publication at time of enrollment to ensure that every student has a copy when attending class. The last thing we want is you turned away for not having the required material. 

If you are enrolling in an onsite/classroom 7-hour USPAP course and already have a 2024 USPAP Publication and 2024 USPAP Guidance and Reference Manual, you are eligible for a refund of the cost of the books you were charged during checkout. 

To qualify for the refund, you must bring your copy of the 2024 USPAP  Publication and the 2024 Guidance and Reference Manual with you to class each day and show it to your instructor during roll call. 

Once each USPAP course is completed, the instructor will report the names of all students who brought their own bboks Publications to class. Customer service will issue refunds to the method of payment used at enrollment for those students. 

No refunds will be issued for the mandatory 2024 USPAP Guidance and Reference Manual or the 7-hr USPAP Student Manual. 

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