The Complete Roof Inspection

The Complete Roof System Inspection course is a comprehensive study of the requirements for a thorough Roof System Inspection as it applies to the Home Inspection Industry and meeting client expectations for an all-inclusive conditional assessment of the roof under inspection. Client perception and expectations of what a roof inspection is and what it addresses will vary. Home Inspectors need to assure what we do and how we do it is well communicated to meet and exceed industry standards and the needs of the client. This study will address the – what and how – for sloped and flat roof residential structures utilizing asphalt / plastic / rubber membrane composition coverings, tile (concrete and clay), metal, wood, slate, and unique composite coverings. We will identify failures and defects (common and unique) to roof covering materials, to include environmental issues and storm damage that accelerate roof surface degradation. Included will be inspection reporting tips and tricks for inspecting the exterior and interior of conventional roof framing (rafters), unique bracing systems, as well as truss networks. 
The information – examples – recommendations provided will be useful in the reporting process, designed to up the professional Home Inspectors Roof Inspection routine, and assist in providing the client with clear information necessary to understand the general condition of the roof and next steps related to observed deficiencies for the buying process.