OC: Standards of Practice, Ethics, and Codes of Conduct for the Kentucky Land Surveyor Professional

Professional land surveyors in the State of Kentucky are required to complete eight hours of professional development hours per calendar year. As specified in 201 KAR 18:192, Section 3(2), it is necessary for the professional land surveyor to complete a course that discusses the Standards of Practice, Ethics, and Codes of Conduct. These rules have been adopted by the legislative bodies of Kentucky and govern the practices, conduct, and the moral principles that shape the way that professional land surveyors carry out their duties. This Section within the Kentucky Administrative Regulations states (2017), “The requirement for professional development hours shall include a four (4) hour course, pre-approved by the CPDC, in standards of practice for professional land surveyors, professional ethics, and code of professional practice and conduct taken once every four (4) years.”