OC: Land-Ownership, Titles, Deeds and Descriptions

Comprehensive education in one’s chosen field is necessary for all professionals. Continuing Education and training are the backbone of professionalism as it allows the practitioner to refresh those areas of knowledge not utilized on a regular basis and to become familiar with new developments and advancements within their chosen field. Professional Land Surveyors are frequently required to express their professional opinion and render decisions on which land titles and boundaries are the essential issue. In these situations, as with all aspects of surveying, the process of gathering, examining, rendering an opinion, and presenting evidence in a clear and defensible manner is vital. As these decisions may result in litigation and involve judicial review, surveyors must look to statutes and case law for guidance. These materials are designed to assist you, the professional surveyor, in the development of a thorough and knowledgeable approach to the exercise of your professional judgment.
To properly exercise professional judgment, in both public and private practice, the land surveyor must be familiar with not only the rules and regulations governing the practice of surveying in the area in which they are working, but also the legal principles, responsibilities and standards by which they and their work will ultimately be judged. The materials are intended to assist in this endeavor but should not be considered a substitute for sound research, peer review, and/or consultation with other professionals in a particular situation.
In this course we will examine the elements of ownership and conveyance of land, titles, deeds, descriptions and will touch briefly on easements and encumbrances.