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Skip the hassle of finding a supervisor with Practical Applications of Real Estate (PAREA). Experience the new way of becoming a licensed or certified real estate appraiser.

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Get licensed faster with PAREA

To ensure future student success, McKissock is committed to building and launching a Practical Applications of Real Estate Appraisal (PAREA) solution in 2024. PAREA enables aspiring real estate appraisers to complete experience hours without the extra burden of finding a supervisor.*

In our PAREA program, you’ll gain hands-on, real-world experience through training modules, simulated and field learning experiences, 1-1 mentoring, and small group interactions. With us, experience unrivaled education and support on your journey to becoming a licensed or certified residential appraiser.

*State restrictions may apply in accepting PAREA as qualifying experience.

Frequently asked questions

What is Practical Applications of Real Estate Appraisal (PAREA)?

PAREA is an alternative program to gaining the experience needed for licensed residential and certified residential appraisers. Unlike the traditional supervisor model to gain required experience, PAREA is an online program covering appraisal theory and methodology, in real-world simulations, with virtual mentoring from expert appraisers. There are two (2) Modules that make up the entire program. Currently, PAREA is available for Licensed Residential and Certified Residential experience credits. Partial experience credit for the Certified General credential can also be awarded.

What education do I have to complete before joining the PAREA program?

    • Prior to starting Module 1 of PAREA, you must complete 150 hrs. of QE consistent with the licensed residential level.
    • Prior to starting Module 2 of PAREA you must complete 200 hours of QE consistent with the licensed residential level.
    Please note that your QE is fulfilled outside of the PAREA program – you do not earn QE hours in PAREA.

Does my state accept PAREA?

Approvals are ongoing. States can choose to accept all, partial, or none of the PAREA experience credit. To see the latest approvals, please see the Appraisal Foundation’s map here.

If I participate in PAREA, do I still need to find a supervisor?

PAREA is designed to replace the need for a supervisor, so if you reside in a state that fully adopts PAREA, you will not need to find a supervisor. However, if you reside in a state that only partially adopts PAREA, you will need to fulfill some supervisory hours outside of PAREA and therefore, will need to secure a supervisor.

What would I do in the PAREA program?

To obtain your certification through the PAREA program, participants will:
    • Complete training on all topics listed in the detailed content outline
    • Collaborate with virtual mentor throughout the program to demonstrate your competency of the material learned thus far
    • Produce USPAP-compliant appraisals during the program

When can I register for McKissock’s PAREA program?

Our program will start summer 2024, and registration will early summer of 2024. Keep checking this page for the application process to start.

How do I get a mentor in McKissock’s PAREA program?

It’s easy! Once you’ve enrolled in our program, you will be automatically matched to a mentor who will work with you (virtually) throughout the completion of the curriculum.

What happens after I’ve completed the PAREA program?

Once you’ve successfully completed Module 1 and Module 2, you can then sit for the national licensing or certification exam in which you are eligible.

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