Engineering Ethics: Kansas City Hyatt Regency Walkway Collapse


In the “Discussions in Ethics of the Kansas City Hyatt Regency Walkway Collapse”, we will ...
•    Introduce the student to the Hyatt Regency walkway collapse tragedy
•    Ethics and ethical concepts for Professional Engineers 
•    Key timeline events that led to the July 17, 1981 walkway collapse
•    The G.C.E. and HSC design and approval processes
•    Intimate details of the Incident Investigation 
•    The lessons that can be learned from an ethical viewpoint

The objective of this course is to introduce you to a catastrophic event that occurred in 1981 claiming the lives of 114 people. Some engineers have called this event the tragedy that changed Professional Engineering in America forever. This single event propelled ethics into every state licensing board in the United States.
The student will be provided a unique view of this tragedy, unlike any other training you may have taken in the past. This training module offers a perspective from both the investigative teams and those adversely affected by its outcome. Unlike other training, this module offers solutions that were not known or popular at the time this event occurred. 
This training module will guide the Professional Engineer through the NSPE code of ethics along with both actual and hypothetical situations related to this incident. Training is often a necessary evil for the Professional Engineer. This training is one that you will recommend to colleagues.