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CE Plus Membership

Single-state CE Plus Membership
  • Includes access to all CE courses in your state.
  • Receive discounts from preferred product partners.
  • View and download professional development content, including videos, job aids, and recorded webinars.
  • Get access to academic advisors and expedited service through the exclusive member hotline.
  • Conveniently track your required and completed CE hours.

Multi-state McKissock CE PLUS Membership
    • You are a real estate professional and want to build your skills to make more money.
    • You need to renew your license and want to go above and beyond your CE requirements.
    • You want access to all CE courses in all states at a fraction of the cost.
    • You want 24/7 access to professional development tools, real estate coaches, informational videos, industry discounts and MORE!

    • All CE courses in all states
    • Real estate coaching tool
    • Pro-Series webinar on-demand library
    • How-to videos
    • 100+ job aids (worksheets, scripts, and checklists)
    • Product and service discounts
    • Knowledgeable education specialists

    Licensed in more than one state? Check out the multi-state CE Plus membership.


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Real estate agents who invest in professional development earn 30% more. 

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the real estate CE PLUS Membership? The CE Plus Membership is an annual membership offering from McKissock that helps you get the most out of your education investment by giving you unlimited access to our CE library AND additional content to help you further develop your professional skills You will be billed annually for this product, but can opt out of auto renewal at any time by calling McKissock Customer Service at 1.888.250.8625
  • How do I upgrade my CE PLUS membership to a multi-state membership? Simply call customer service at 1.888.250.8625 and pay the difference between your current membership and the price for the multi-state CE Plus Membership.
  • I lost access to my real estate CE PLUS membership because my credit card was canceled. How do I rejoin? Simply give us a call at 888.250.8625 to update your payment information and reactivate your membership.
  • How do I cancel my real estate CE PLUS membership? If you want to cancel, simply call Customer Service at 1.888.250.8625 to inform our representatives that, at the end of your existing 12 month membership, your CE Plus Membership will not renew. You will maintain access to all features of the CE Plus Membership for 12 months from the date of your initial purchase. Once your membership ends, you will no longer have access to any features of the CE Plus Membership product, including: the ability to complete and receive credit for any CE courses you have started or added to your account, access to all professional development courses (including any you have started) and access to all Acceleration Tracks. To continue any courses or tracks you can either re-enroll in the CE Plus Membership or pay for them individually.

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