Basics of Green Building for Real Estate


There are hundreds of controversial ideas being asserted by environmentalists, politicians, and other stakeholders about the subject of “green building;” therefore, it’s important that, as a real estate agent, you have a place at the table and possess working knowledge of the principles of green building.  You will have access to in-depth information on the principles and give an overview of recent activity across the United States regarding the green building movement and the ways in which consumers are responding to this relatively new market segment.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of green building, including trends, popular materials, resources for sustainable design, and features of the NAR building
  • The various rating systems for energy-efficient homes and buildings, specifically LEED® and  ENERGY STAR®
  • The alternative energy sources that can be used as sources of heating, cooling, and powering a home or commercial building