How to get your Real Estate License in Florida

Do you want to become a real estate agent and get Florida Real Estate License? McKissock Learning taught thousands of aspiring real estate agents in Florida, we make it easy for you to get up to speed on the Florida real estate license requirements.

6 Mandatory Hours
8 Elective Hours
14 Total Hours

Learn what's required for your Real Estate License in Florida

This real estate licensing information summarizes the minimum requirements established by the Florida Dept of Business & Prof. Regulat.. We recommend you contact the Florida Dept of Business & Prof. Regulat. for more detailed information or changes.

If you obtain real estate licenses in multiple states, we recommend you check each state's requirements.

Florida Real Estate License: All

Total Hours Required: 14
Mandatory Hours: 6
Elective Hours: 8
Renewal Cycle in Years: 2
License Expiration Date: 09/30/2020
Education Cycle in Months: 24
Next Education Due Date: 09/30/2020
Florida Licensees are required to take 14 continuing education hours every 24 months including 3 hours in a mandatory topic. Our online Florida Real Estate Law course satisfies the Core Law requirement mandated by the Florida Real Estate Commission.

License renewal dates vary depending on initial license date. License renewals are either 3/31 or 9/30, every 2 years beginning with the year the license was first issued.

Beginning October 1, 2017, licensees must also take the 3-hour Ethics and Business Practices course once during each licensure renewal period. Licensees who complete the Core Law course and Ethics and Business Practices course will receive 6 hours credit toward the 14 hour requirement. The "specialty" course hours must total at least 8 hours. In order to provide licensees with sufficient notice, this change will be mandatory for real estate licensees who hold a license that expires on September 30, 2018, or thereafter.

Due to COVID-19 In the state of Florida, any license, permit, registration or certificate issued by the Department with an existing renewal deadline within March, April, or May 2020 the existing renewal deadline is suspended until June 1, 2020, unless extended by subsequent order. 
No late fee shall be assessed on an eligible license renewal during this tolled period.
For licensees with a 09/30/2020 due date for renewal, there has been no extension.

Online Limitations

There is no limit to the number of CE hours that may be taken online. Final Exams: Final exams must be passed with an 80% and may be taken once. If the exam is not passed the first time, the licensee must re-enroll and retake the entire course, including the final exam.


Roster Required: yes
Roster Process: Rosters are submitted electronically every Friday. It can take up to 24 hrs. to reflect on student's online account after submission.

*If your education is posted after your renewal date, your license status will go to involuntary/active. Once hours have been completed and reported/posted, your license status will be updated to current/active as long as the appropriate fees are paid.
Licensees are not able to practice under the involuntary/active status.

**If you need or want the roster submitted earlier than the scheduled date, there is a $10 rush fee for that service.**
Roster Sent: Every 7 days

Governing Agency

Name: Florida Dept of Business & Prof. Regulat.
Phone: 8504871395
Fax: 8504888040
Address: 2601 Blair Stone Road Tallahassee, FL 32399

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Note: This license renewal information is provided as a convenience only and is subject to change at any time. It's ultimately the responsibility of the licensee to be sure that he or she is meeting all requirements for each license and corresponding renewal period.