Basic Appraisal Principles

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Take an in-depth look at how real property concepts, characteristics, and legal descriptions influence real estate values. This is a foundational course for other advanced appraisal courses. 

  • Uncover details of the different types of values and the economic principles that affect the real estate market 
  • Learn the methods used to analyze markets 
  • Explore the ethical norms that guide appraisers through the valuation process

Chapter list:

1. The Appraisal Profession
2. Licensing and Certification
3. Ethics
4. The Modern Appraisal Office
5. Basic Appraisal Concepts
6. Legal Descriptions of Land
7. Definitions
8. Deeds, Contracts, and Leases
9. Real Estate Markets
10. Money Principles
11. Sources of Capital and Financing
12. Influences on Real Estate Values
13. Types of Value
14. The Economic Principles
15. Applications and Illustrations of Economic Principles
16. Market Analysis
17. Math Review and Statistics
18. Real Estate Math
19. Course Overview