Real estate appraiser utilizing Excel resources for an appraisal assignment

5 Excel Resources and How-To Guides for Appraisers


The use of Microsoft Excel is widespread in the appraisal industry. The well-known software program offers tools and capabilities that can make your appraisal process smoother. Are you leveraging the power of Excel in your appraisal business? To help you out, we’ve put together a list of Excel resources and how-to guides geared specifically toward appraisers.

1. How to Make a Histogram in Excel

“The histogram is a great tool for analyzing residential real estate markets that all appraisers should use,” asserts appraiser Joseph Lynch in his blog post, “Add Histograms to Your Appraisal Tool Kit.” The post explains what a histogram is, provides step-by-step instructions (including pictures) on how to make a histogram in Excel, and outlines four different ways to use histograms.

2. A Spreadsheet Solution for Land Value Extraction

Second on our list of helpful Excel resources is this Appraisal Buzz post, “A Spreadsheet Solution for Land Value Extraction.” In the article, appraiser Richard Price explains that the extraction method may be useful when there are not enough comparable sales of vacant land to permit the use of the sales comparison approach. He outlines an Excel spreadsheet solution (including detailed instructions and pictures) that will help produce credible results in these situations.

3. Don Machholz’s Appraiser Tool House

When well-respected appraiser Don Machholz hung up his clipboard in 2018, he left his website active and made all of his Excel spreadsheet templates available for free. Visit to access Machholz’s Appraiser Tool House. It includes over a dozen helpful Excel templates.

4. Useful Microsoft Excel Tips for Appraisers

Did you know that you can use Excel spreadsheets to sort and filter data, highlight duplicate data, calculate mean and median values, and statistically analyze data using data regression? Learn how with our recorded webinar, “Useful Microsoft Excel Tips for Appraisers,” available for free to all McKissock Appraisal Unlimited Learning Members. If you’re already a member, you can access the webinar under the “Resources” tab in your McKissock Dashboard.

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5. Taking PivotTables to the Next Level

Join us on Wednesday, July 29, 2020 for a live Pro-Series Webinar, “Taking PivotTables to the Next Level.” In this training session, you will learn to expand PivotTable data, create custom calculations, format a PivotTable, modify subtotal and grand total displays, learn addition tools on the PivotTable tabs, modify the PivotTable task pane, and create PivotCharts.