trainee appraiser goals for the upcoming year

7 Appraiser Trainee Goals for 2024


As the new year approaches, now is the perfect time to look ahead and develop a career plan for 2024. If you plan on becoming an appraiser or are in the trainee process, it’s especially important to set clear, measurable goals. To help you create your plan, here are the top appraiser trainee goals for 2024.

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1. Find a supervisory appraiser

If you have already completed your qualifying education but haven’t found an appraisal supervisor yet, put this at the top your list so you can start earning your experience hours. All trainees must work under a certified appraisal supervisor and that work must be submitted prior to earning your license or certification.

Finding an appraisal supervisor under whom you can work to gain your required experience hours is a common hurdle for new appraisers entering the profession. Consider contacting banks and real estate companies, checking job boards, or reaching out to appraisal management companies to find a supervisor.

2. Pass your licensing exam

Once you complete your qualifying education and supervised experience, you’ll need to pass the National Uniform Licensing and Certification Exam to move on from a trainee. Depending on your state and the amount of education and experience gained, you can take the appraisal exam to become a Licensed Residential, Certified Residential, or Certified General Appraiser.

Real property appraiser qualification criteria

how to become an appraiser
Hours required include specific curriculum courses and hours — please see the Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria for details. Individual states may have stricter requirements.

3. Practice your networking skills

Building a strong professional network will help you through your trainee stage as you launch and grow your appraisal career–from finding a supervisor to building your client list. Consider joining local, in-person organizations, such as real estate professional groups or the Chamber of Commerce to connect with potential clients or other appraisers. Also, online spaces can provide you with additional networking opportunities, such as through Facebook groups or LinkedIn groups.

4. Continue your education

This goal should be on everyone’s list. It’s never a bad time to continue learning and improving your professional skills. Continuing education can teach even the most experienced appraisers something new. In 2024, enroll in continuing education classes that will further expand your real estate appraisal knowledge, and study, study, study!

5. Learn about appraisal specialties

As you train to become a licensed or certified appraiser, now is a great time to explore different areas of appraisal. Figure out what appraisal specialties interest you most, and begin learning more about them. Developing a niche specialty can be a great way to advance your career and grow your income down the line, so why not get started now?

6. Keep up with technology

Keeping up with technology can help you save time, improve your reports, and build your business faster. While CubiCasa is growing in popularity with appraisers for its ability to scan spaces and create digital floor plans, you can also use smartphone apps with LiDAR technology to scan spaces and measure distances on a budget.

Don’t forget other, non-appraiser apps can be just as beneficial. For example, Dropbox can help you keep your reports organized, secure, and ready for collaborating, while Mint can help you keep up with your expenses.

7. Track your goals

Don’t let your New Year’s goals fade out after January! Write them down and track your progress on a weekly or monthly basis throughout the year to help you stay on task. Try to set specific, attainable objectives and give yourself realistic deadlines so that you don’t become discouraged as you pursue your appraiser trainee goals. Check in with your goals at least once a month and reevaluate them as needed as you advance your career.

Pass the Appraisal Exam in 2024

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