7 Must-Have Apps for Appraisers

7 Must-Have Apps for AppraisersMobile phones and tablets have revolutionized the way appraisers conduct their duties. From taking photos to sketching plans to connecting with your team—there are numerous ways to use digital apps to improve your process. Here are seven must-have apps for appraisers that will help you take your approach to the next level.

1. RapidSketch

This app provides a diagramming tool that allows you to draw commercial and residential properties accurately and swiftly. You can use RapidSketch to create detailed floor plan layouts and calculate square footage. This tool is particularly helpful for the sketch addendum section of your Uniform Residential Appraisal Reports.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is one of many different cloud storage apps available for your smartphone or tablet. It can help you share documents and files with your team, lenders, and homeowners. It’s also handy for pulling up information on-the-go (think property reports, building plans, tax records, etc.). Dropbox and Microsoft One Drive are other popular apps with similar functionality.

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3. Supra e-Key

Have you ever arrived at a property and been unable to enter due to the resident not being available or a locked door? Supra e-Key helps real estate professionals access homes using a digital keypad and their mobile device. If the property you are appraising uses the system, download the app, request permission, and enter. Voila!

4. LastPass

It can be hard to remember passwords with so many different web logins. LastPass offers the ability to save all of your web and app passwords in one location so you can log into information databases, company and real estate web portals, and any other websites you may use during an appraisal.

5. Mint

Mint gives you the ability to track and manage work-related expenses on the go. Many appraisers also use Expensify and Intuit Quickbooks for the same purpose. All of these apps allow you to photograph and categorize receipts, take note of miles driven, and write down notes relating to other costs you run into on the job.

6. Genius Scan

This app gets a lot of love from appraisers. Genius Scan makes it easy to scan, upload, and share documents using your mobile devices. It can even scan handwriting and convert it into text. This tool is excellent for making copies of tax records, floor plans, etc.

7. CoPilot GPS

Finding your way to the properties on your list is half the battle. CoPilot GPS helps you save time by creating a route that gets you to each property in the most efficient manner—either by time or distance, depending on your priorities that day.

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