Why Career Satisfaction Is So High Among Appraisers

Why Career Satisfaction Is So High Among AppraisersCareer satisfaction among real estate appraisers is significantly higher than the national average. Why are appraisers generally happy in their careers? Are some appraisers happier than others? Does job satisfaction affect income? Here, we address these questions and give a glimpse into survey data reported in the 2019 Appraisal Income Guide.

Appraiser career satisfaction

Collectively, appraisers are reportedly 25% more satisfied in their careers than American workers across all professions.* Career satisfaction survey results show that nearly eight out of ten appraisers are satisfied with their career choice. Reasons they cite for their happiness include:

  • Healthy work-life balance
  • Steady work
  • Respectable income

Career Satisfaction Ratings

When broken down into credential levels, certified residential and certified general appraisers have the highest career satisfaction.

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Optimism in the profession

Looking to the future, career optimism is uncertain among appraisers. Certified general appraisers have the most positive outlook, while licensed appraisers and certified residential appraisers show more uncertainty.

Those who are most optimistic about their appraisal career cite these main reasons:

  • Demand is strong, especially considering the low rate of newcomers to the field.
  • Technology will not replace the need for “boots on the ground,” especially with agricultural/rural, commercial and complex appraisals.
  • As many appraisers consider retirement, they find a part-time appraisal career could be rewarding.
  • Many appraisers are self-employed and enjoy the independence an appraisal career affords them.
  • Many appraisers are confident of their expertise in the field and feel little to no threat by competitors or technology.

“I have a good business with a wide range of clients who seem to appreciate my work. I have enough business that if I don’t like a client or how they work, I can gradually eliminate them from my acceptance of their requests for appraisals.” – Survey respondent; certified residential appraiser

Do happy appraisers earn more?

In a word, yes. Appraisers who are very happy with their career earn over $47,000 more than appraisers who are not satisfied. This correlation among career satisfaction and income is seen across all license levels.

Average appraiser income by career satisfaction

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