Do You Plan to Hire a Trainee Appraiser? Why or Why Not?

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We recently asked our real estate appraisal community, “Do you plan to take on a trainee appraiser in the next 5 years?” About half of survey respondents said no, while the other half said yes or maybe. To gain further insight into these answers, we asked the same appraisers to explain, “Why or why not?” Read their comments below.

Do you plan to take on a trainee appraiser in the next 5 years?

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No (51%)

Several respondents answered “no” because they are currently trainees themselves, or it’s just too early in their careers, or they’re simply “not in a position” to take on a trainee.

“I’m an appraiser trainee myself right now!”

“I’m too new to the field.”

“I have been certified for 2.5 years now, and I don’t think I’m ready to train someone at this point. In addition, I’m not sure how to make it work for myself financially, the trainee’s salary, and also just the added logistical complexity of adding more work.”

“I am a trainee appraiser and believe that I would not have been established long enough. But in the future would love to give someone the opportunity.”

Other appraisers said they do not wish to take on a trainee for various other reasons, such as liability, competition, and the expense of taking on an employee.

“Not worth it. Too much time and energy to invest into a person. It is such a big liability. You are potentially creating an individual who can take business from you in the future.”

“I’ve seen too many trainees get their 2 years experience, then leave and take the business away from their former firm.”

“Taking on a trainee is a significant amount of work, and the benefits do not always outweigh the costs.”

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Yes (38%)

Fortunately for any aspiring appraisal licensees out there, many respondents said they do plan to take on a trainee appraiser in the next 5 years. While some of the respondents who answered “no” cited fear of competition, other appraisers who answered “yes” feel that hiring trainees is the “best way to grow” and that the industry needs new blood.

“We need more appraisers in this field. I think the majority of appraisers are older, and without someone willing to take someone on, there will eventually be no more appraisers. Besides, someone took me under their wing.”

“Because we have had four appraisers retire in the past 7 months.”

“Training was extremely difficult for me to find, and I would like to help change that.”

“My son plans to become an appraiser.”

“My trainee just got her license today. Now we will start the process.”

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Maybe (11%)

A smaller percentage of survey participants said that they might hire a trainee in the next 5 years. According to their comments, it would depend on things like volume, timing, and finding the right person.

“I am training right now myself, but in 5 years, who knows.”

“It depends upon the volume of work and types of appraisals that I will be doing.”

“I would train someone if I felt like they were serious about becoming an appraiser and the right fit for this profession. It takes a lot of time and energy to supervise someone while still running your business. I am very grateful for my two trainers that took time away from their own businesses to train me!”

“I would like to take one on eventually. Taking on a trainee keeps me sharp as an appraiser. Nothing better than having someone ask you ‘why?’ all day long!”

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