FREE Webinar: Turn Your Appraisal Efforts Into Cash with Anow Software

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Are you ready to turn your appraisal business into a money-making machine? With Anow, the leading software for real estate appraisal offices nationwide, you can move beyond spreadsheets, modernize your processes, and save valuable time every day. Join us on December 1, 2021 for a FREE non-credit Pro-Series webinar, “Turn Your Appraisal Efforts into Cash – An Inside Look at Anow.”

What topics will be covered?

In this free webinar with Anow President, Marty Haldane, we will discuss the following topics and more:

  • What pieces of data will help you better understand your business? Where can you find this information, fast?
  • What tools and tech do you need to make sure you’re turning your appraisal efforts into cash?
  • What parts of the appraisal process does Anow cover? Is this really an all-in-one solution?

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Meet the presenter

Marty Haldane is Founder & CEO of Anow. A third-generation appraiser with more than 10 years of experience not only doing residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural valuations, but also in managing a large family-owned appraisal company. He is a technology advocate and entrepreneur who founded Anow in 2011 with a vision and passion to transform and modernize the experience in appraisals and mortgage origination with technology.

Learn how Anow software can turn your appraisal business into a money-making machine. Join us for this FREE Pro-Series webinar on December 1, 2021, “Turn Your Appraisal Efforts into Cash – An Inside Look at Anow.”

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