How to Get on the FHA Appraiser Roster

Woman applying for the FHA appraiser roster online

In order to do appraisals for FHA loans (including reverse mortgages and REO properties), you must be listed on the FHA appraiser roster. Below, we’ve provided answers to several common questions regarding how to get on the FHA roster. Whether you’re a new applicant or a former FHA roster appraiser, we hope you find the following information helpful.

What are the eligibility requirements?

To be eligible to apply for the FHA appraiser roster, you:

  • Must be a state-certified appraiser
  • Must not be listed on HUD’s Limited Denial of Participation List (LDP) or Credit Alert Verification Reporting System (CAIVRS)
  • Must not be subject to current loss of standing or suspension as an appraiser in any state

How do I apply as a new applicant?

If you meet the minimum eligibility requirements, you can apply for FHA roster status at Applications must be submitted online, following HUD’s step-by-step directions.

To access the instructions for new applicants, click here.

As part of the application process, you must also certify that you have “read and fully understand and will comply with FHA Single Family Housing Policy Handbook (SF Handbook) and FHA Single Family Housing Residential Appraisal Report and Data Delivery Guide.

How do I apply as a former FHA appraiser?

If you have ever been on the FHA roster, you are not required to go through the same application process as a new applicant. Instead, you must apply for reinstatement. The FHA will reject applications of former roster appraisers who fill out the application as “new” applicants.

To access the instructions for reinstatement, click here.

Why would an appraiser be removed from the FHA appraiser roster?

Appraisers with expired state credentials are automatically removed from the FHA roster until the credential is renewed. Appraisers with suspended or revoked credentials will also be removed from the FHA roster.

Appraisers are requested to renew their licenses at least 45 days prior to expiration in order for the state to process the record and report it to the ASC’s National Registry.

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Is there anything else I should know about being an FHA appraiser?

As an FHA roster appraiser, you must avoid conflicts of interest as well as the appearance of conflicts of interest.

The following parties may not have “substantive communications with an appraiser relating to or having an impact on valuation”:

  • Members of the mortgagee’s loan production staff or any person who is compensated on commission upon loan closing
  • Anyone who reports, ultimately, to any officer of the mortgagee not independent of the loan production staff and process

Also, remember that you must comply with USPAP, including the COMPETENCY RULE, when conducting FHA appraisals.

For more information on the FHA appraiser roster, eligibility requirements, and the application process, please refer to the “Doing Business with FHA” section of the Single Family Housing Policy Handbook 4000.1 (SF Handbook).

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