Real Estate Appraisers Share How They Stand Out from the Competition

Word cloud illustrating various ways that appraisers stand out from the competition

Looking for ways to compete in the appraisal industry? This month we asked our appraisal community, “What differentiates you from other real estate appraisers?” They shared a large variety of ways in which one can gain a competitive edge, such as having a unique professional background or approach, having a specific type of skills or experience, and many others. Read the responses below to learn how 75+ individual appraisers stand out from the competition.

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What differentiates you from other real estate appraisers?

We received a huge number of responses this month. (Thank you to all who participated!) To help simplify things, we’ve organized the comments below into the following categories of ways to stand out from the competition:

  • Client relations
  • Background or perspective
  • Personal characteristics or traits
  • Approach to the appraisal process
  • Professional experience
  • Knowledge, education, and skills
  • Appraisal specializations
  • Local market expertise
  • Other

Client relations

“I like to think it is my customer service, and client relations.”

“I make sure that I’m polite (goes a long way even with Realtors). We are prohibited from discussing value on site. So, I don’t. I pick good news stories (non-partisan) to talk about or decorating! Yes, decor is a safe-place if you know what you are talking about.”

“20 years in the same market. Good communication. Polite business demeanor.”

“I always deliver on time and I communicate status with my clients.”

“I have youth on my side. I come across more casual than the typical appraiser. I’m easy going yet still professional.”

“I am hands on and willing to jump in and take on a request for appraisal quickly. In my area, today’s market is slammed and the lack of appraisers is driving out schedules two weeks or more. I am doing all I can to cover all requests asap.”

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Background or perspective

“I have a background in construction and have been a business owner in the construction industry.”

“I’m a Latino woman who was born and raised in Los Angeles, California speaking English and Spanish.”

“I began working with an AMC 2 years ago and have an additional perspective to offer with experience in vendor management.”

“Became an appraiser at age 58. My life experience owning homes and being exposed to changing markets has given me a well-rounded perspective on influences to value.”

“I have a life long time in agriculture and worked at a title company, giving me a good understanding of legal descriptions and easements.”

“Background in landscape architecture and real estate sales.”

“I’ve been in all other aspects of real estate for a long time.”

“I have 20+ years experience in video and photography work!”

“I am a Kindergarten teacher as well!”

“I’m not an appraiser yet (still in my qualifying ed classes), but what makes me unique is my previous 15-year career in a different field. As a psychologist, I specialized in evaluating people…and now I’m learning to evaluate real estate. There are so many parallels between the two fields, and my knowledge about people’s behavioral and attitudinal tendencies gives me unique insight into concepts like value, supply and demand, and market behavior.”

“As a 38-year-old student and appraiser in training I bring a fresh perspective from other industries and many years of fresh life experience and completely unadulterated perspective of the appraisal industry.”

“My dad has been an appraiser for 30 years and has a plethora of knowledge and experience to draw upon! I’ve gone on appraisal appointments with him and my mom since before I knew what they were!”

“I am flexible in learning since I am newer to the business.”

“I have been in the business 3 years…I am not set in my ways like a seasoned person in this field would be. With the economy now you have to be able to be flexible in learning.”

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Personal characteristics or traits

“My morals and desire to always be honest and helpful.”

“Work ethic.”

“My work ethic and drive to succeed. Have loved it so far!”

“I am new to the industry but I have drive and ambition.”

“I never give up on my goals.”

“I’m not stuck in old habits.”

“I’m not adverse to change.”

“I have the ability to adapt to any situation I may land in.”

“Young, motivated, focused.”

“What differentiates me from other real estate appraisers is that fact like I am a 21 year old girl. Every time I tell someone that I am going to get my appraisal license, they explain in shock that I will be the only girl around our area (my hometown) doing that. They also say that I will be the youngest real estate appraiser they know.”

“My youth! I’m 24 years old and trainee at the moment. At 25, I will be certified residential! I plan to be in the game for 40+ years!”

“I am a trainee. I think what will differentiate me is my love for perfecting my craft. I always want to be the best but, of course, remember to stay humble when I am not. At least try to!”

“I am a young man determined to excel in a field that has a high demand for new faces…I hope to gain experience and learn from the older generation of appraisers. I want to reassure the public and other practitioners that this field will be in good hands in the future.”

“I may not be the best or most knowledgeable in the field. However, I enjoy learning about consumer choices, market statistics and what motivates people to buy specific niche properties. Working in the field is a dream come true. I truly love it and look forward to every assignment challenge that comes my way.”

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Approach to the appraisal process


“I am thorough and research every last detail no matter how small.”

“Always do what’s right never take the easy route. Very efficient throughout every process.”

“I have been in the appraisal business for 33 years. I always pledge to do a good, fair, honest, and reliable report. No matter the client.”

“I try to analyze the property not only as an appraiser, but from the perspective of the owner/buyer and the lender/investor, giving me a broader perspective and hopefully resulting in a more credible valuation…The valuation process isn’t perfect, but it’s the best we have. Knowing its limitations makes me a better appraiser.”

“I try to be as honest and fair as I can for every appraisal I do…I treat every appraisal like I’m doing my own home. Things are very difficult right now so respect and trust is the most important thing for an appraiser.”

“I embrace innovation and welcome ‘unconventional’ processes as long as they deliver accurate, honorable and credible results. I don’t ‘only do what’s always been done.'”

“My office is completely digital. I use the iPad to do inspections. I am also comfortable doing the new hybrid/data collection products.”

“Open communication with other real estate professionals to better understand current market conditions and trends.”

“I mass appraise commercial buildings for the City of Stamford. I’m the first woman in this position. I add style to my appraisals. Being responsible for so many appraisals each year, it often gets mundane. I like to add a little flare.”

“I want all the details and I want them to be accurate!”

“As a licensed real estate broker and DB, I am acutely aware that I cannot render an ‘appraisal’ on a piece of real estate in the state of Maine. I can only prepare an ‘opinion of value.’ My report and the report of a licensed appraiser will often have a similar dollar value result, but the appraisal will include a cost to construct component and my opinion of value will include notes to improve the market appeal of the property.”

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Professional experience

“My experience. The length of time I have been in the business.”

“Vast knowledge of many property types. Experience.”

“Been in the business since the dawn of time…have a memory like an elephant, know this market backwards and forwards and have been in thousands of homes, plus I know what I am doing.”

“I’ve seen various market cycles over 40 years. As an appraiser, I can consider downside/cyclical risks without being ‘pessimistic.'”

“I have experience in projects that include eminent domain. Also, I have appraised multiple airports and done various easement studies for research.”

“The fact that I have worked as a fee appraiser for mortgage related transactions for many years and I now work for a government entity as an appraiser for property tax related purposes. Market approach vs. cost approach (Nevada).”

“My extensive physical inspection background includes completing property inspections for the insurance industry. I have performed a wide variety of field inspection services for multiple insurance companies from residential single family, high value/luxury homes, multi-family dwellings to commercial buildings.”

Knowledge, education, and skills

“Computer competency! ;-)”

“Being new to this industry, I’m seeing that I’m bringing technology knowledge as a strength. Finding ways to make work more efficient so we can finish files in a faster and more confident manner.”

“Knowledge of land rights.”

“The education I received from McKissock – and my enthusiasm!”

“The amount of education I take for this business. I always take more then necessary because I want to be the best I can be. I have trained four appraisers in my 30+ year career and if you want to test your knowledge of how much you know, pass it forward and take on an assistant. I have trained four appraisers in this business, all of whom are my competition, and we still get together to discuss what we do and how we do it.”

“I have a designation from the Appraisal Institute.”

“Appraisal instructor and certified USPAP instructor.”

Appraisal specializations

“IT/Mass Appraisal.”


“I appraise for limited jobs. My focus is lending institutions appraisals.”

“I do a lot of legal work for attorneys.”

“I specialize in multiple component land, often with environmental constraints.”

“I specialize in the unique stuff and island jobs.”

“I review the appraisals versus being a field appraiser.”

“I love to do those jumbo/luxury home appraisals! They may take a little more time, but they are always a fun challenge!”

“Our company’s focus on rural properties statewide and the investigative curiosity we bring to each property.”

“We perform complex assignments, whether its proposed construction, rural, large acreage, or luxury homes. I can’t remember the last time an assignment was what I would deem easy!”

“I’m the only residential appraiser certified by AI to perform green appraisals in South Carolina.”

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Local market expertise

“I only work in the area in which I am geographically competent and I have lived in this area my entire life. I am also a Realtor with a constant finger on the market’s pulse.”

“I stick to my local few cities, so I can remain a local expert. I also specialize in 55+ age-restricted housing in my area, which can be a challenge for appraisers who don’t know the market for those properties.”

“I only work in my small city now. After 45 years of appraising, I learn something new on every appraisal!

“We know our areas better and use better comps which support the seller’s asking price more accurately.”

Other ways to stand out from the competition

“The distance I am willing to drive to complete an appraisal for the VA.”

“I like to consider myself a resource to agents and anyone involved in the real estate industry…I believe my willingness to inform and educate agents and the general public has helped differentiate me from other appraisers.”

“Cooperation is the lifeblood of the industry. I cooperate and share market data as much as possible with my peers. This includes thoughtfully mentoring less experienced appraisers and, when reviewing the work of others, doing it in a constructive way.”

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