Stress Management Tips and Other Resources for Overworked Appraisers

Stress Management Tips and Other Resources for Overworked Appraisers

Real estate appraisers are no strangers to work stress. Many own their own businesses and work for themselves from home—which has its upsides and downsides. Appraisers sometimes complain of working long hours, struggling with time management, or feeling overwhelmed by too many tasks. If you are experiencing these difficulties, it may be time to hire an appraisal assistant or trainee. Additionally, here are some excellent resources to help with stress management.

How to De-Stress at Work

Whether you run a one-person appraisal shop or you work for a large appraisal firm, work stress can get you down.  Wix’s list of best ways to de-stress at work outlines several things you can do on a quick 10-minute break that will lower your angst. These simple yet effective actions will help you return to work (or begin your workday) feeling more relaxed and energized.

5 Tips for Small Business Stress Management

If you’re among the many appraisers who own their own business, you may be especially susceptible to stress. Check out these stress management tips from Entrepreneur. Although you can never entirely escape the stress of owning a business, the article outlines some helpful things you can do to prevent burnout, stay positive, and take better care of yourself.

7 Tips for More Effective Time Management

Time management (or lack thereof) can be a huge source of stress for appraisers. Check out these time management tips from The Balance Small Business for helpful advice on how to organize your workday to increase your productivity. Ideally, this will allow you to pace yourself so that you won’t feel so overworked. You may even be able to set aside a little time for yourself.

Want to read more on this topic? Check out our article: Top 5 Time Management Struggles for Appraisers.

7 Ways for Appraisers to Spend Less Time on Email

Speaking of time management, does the task of providing status emails eat up too much time in your workday? Status requests from AMCs often require that you log in to their system and update the order status on their website. If you’re doing this several times a day for multiple orders, it interrupts your workflow, decreases your productivity, and contributes to your daily work stress. Read our tips on how to make emails more manageable.

9 Funny Quotes for the Self Employed Appraiser

When it comes to stress management, a humorous outlook can be tremendously helpful. Take a quick break from your hectic workday to sit back and enjoy these funny quotes about being self employed, owning your own business, and working from home. After all, isn’t laughter the best medicine?

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