Time Management Tips and Tools for Appraisers

Time Management Tips and Tools for AppraisersTime management is a common hurdle for appraisers and small business owners. In our recent survey, appraisers said providing status emails, answering addendum requests, and answering phone calls are the top three tasks that take up too much time in their workday. Below is a list of time management tips, tools, and resources curated specifically with appraisers in mind.

11 Time Management Tips that Work

If you are overwhelmed with tasks that distract from your core work objectives and interrupt your workflow, these time management tips from The Balance Small Business are a great place to start. They will help you get your head in the right place, identify time-wasters, and get organized—so you can spend less time on menial tasks and more time on appraisal reports.

7 Ways for Appraisers to Spend Less Time on Email

For many appraisers, the task of providing status emails eats up too much time in the workday. Status requests from AMCs usually require you to log in to their system and go through the process of updating the order status on their website. If you are doing this several times a day for multiple orders, it interrupts your workflow and decreases productivity. Read our tips for spending less time on email.

Want more suggestions for working smarter with AMCs? Check out these 10 Tips for Working with AMCs.

Best Password Managers of 2018

Item #6 on the list above is, “Use a secure password manager.” This PC Magazine article is a great resource for sorting through which password saver is the best fit for you and your budget. It features a handy comparison chart and lays out the pros and cons of the best password managers out there.

Document Management Systems: A Buyer’s Guide

Do you waste significant time searching for documents and files? This buyer’s guide from Business News Daily walks you through the entire process of selecting the right document management software to ensure your files are organized and easily accessible. The guide answers basic questions like “What is a document management system?” and “What should I look for in this type of software?” Plus, it gives recommendations on which systems are the best.

Want more time management tips for appraisers? For additional ideas, read our article: Real-Life Appraisers Suggest Ways to Make Their Jobs Easier. Ready to hire an assistant or trainee to help handle your workload? Check out our guide: 4 Steps to Finding and Hiring an Appraisal Assistant.

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