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What is an ASHI membership and why would I want to become a member?

ASHI stands for the American Society of Home Inspectors and is committed to progressing the home inspection profession and providing resources to promote healthy home ownership practices. ASHI offers membership which includes a number of resources and services that take home inspection careers to the next level such as:

    • Business development
    • Education
    • Community
    • Professional Support
    • Leadership & Outreach

Fees for membership are $449 annually or $45/month.

ASHI offer 3 levels of membership:  (View membership Options HERE)

  • ASHI Associate Member: This level is the starting point for ASHI Members. Associate Members can access numerous benefits and resources to help them build and maintain a successful home inspection business.
  • ASHI Inspector: The next level on the ASHI membership path is the ASHI Inspector. The ASHI Inspector level is for ASHI Members who have more experience as a practicing home inspector and have refined their technical knowledge.
  • ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI): The highest level of ASHI membership is the ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI). ACI’s are fully accredited by the National Commission of Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and are recognized as having the highest standards in the profession. After this level is reached, members have access to every opportunity ASHI has to offer. ACI Members can proudly display their badges as true leaders in the industry.

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