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How to Become an Appraiser in Florida


Becoming a real estate appraiser is a great option if you want to operate your own business with a flexible schedule and a reliable income, but you probably have questions on how to get started. To help you get on the path to your new career, we’re walking you through how to become an appraiser in Florida.

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What does a real estate appraiser in Florida do?

Real estate appraisers determine the fair market value of a property. This service is typically needed when a buyer has put in an offer on a property and the mortgage company wants to verify that the property is worth at least what the seller is asking. However, people also need an appraisal to determine a property’s value when they want to refinance or get a home equity line of credit (HELOC) or during a divorce or estate planning.

The appraiser performs a comprehensive on-site inspection that includes:

  • Determining the condition of the interior and exterior
  • The materials used in the building
  • Property amenities (such as a pool, outbuilding or auxiliary dwelling unit, or finished basement)
  • Lot size
  • Building square footage

The property-specific details are just one factor of the appraisal. The appraiser also researches the current real estate market and comparable local properties, weighing their findings against these factors. With their on-site inspection and off-site research complete, they can draft their appraisal report.

Types of Florida real estate appraisers

In Florida, there are three licensing levels that determine the parameters of your work.

  • Trainee Appraisers are at the beginning of their careers and only allowed to perform on-site appraisals, research, and draft reports under the supervision of a Certified Residential or Certified General Supervisor.
  • Certified Residential Appraisers only appraise one to four unit residential properties (such as single-family houses, duplexes, and triplexes) of any value.
  • Certified General Appraisers appraise any type of property, including residential, commercial, and multi-family units. This is the highest level of certification.

Benefits to becoming an appraiser in Florida

Becoming a property appraiser in Florida offers a variety of opportunities. Not only do you have the freedom that comes from having your own business, you have greater control over your schedule and your income. Florida is continually growing, which means it also has a stronger, more stable housing market than other states which provides more demand and security for real estate appraisers.

Even if the housing market slows down, appraisers are still needed to perform valuations for foreclosures and estate planning, Plus, there are other “side hustles” you can offer, such as expert witness testimony and tax assessment. We recommend obtaining the Certified General Appraisal license as this offers more opportunities to grow your business.

How much do appraisers make in Florida?

The average salary for real estate appraisers in Florida is around $71,918¹, but there several factors that affect salary:

  • License level: The more advanced your certification, the more you’re likely to make. For example, trainees typically don’t earn as much as a Certified Residential or General Appraiser.
  • Location: Appraisers in Miami or Boca Raton are more likely to earn more than appraisers in more rural parts of the state.
  • Experience:  More experience typically translates into a higher income because you’ll have a larger network, will be more efficient so you can finish jobs more quickly, and take on more projects.

How to become an appraiser in Florida

Your career starts as a trainee appraiser. To become one, you need to be 18 years of age, hold a valid high school diploma or its equivalent, and complete these steps:

  1. Complete 100 hours of Qualified Education
  2. Take a 4-hour Supervisor-Trainee Course
  3. Connect with a Certified Residential or Certified General Supervisor
  4. Apply with the Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board (this involves paying a fee and having a background check and fingerprint scan completed)

Once you receive your trainee license, you can begin working with your supervisory appraiser to begin getting the experience you need to become a Certified Residential or Certified General Appraiser.

How long does it take to become a Florida real estate appraiser?

Getting started as an appraiser in Florida is actually pretty quick compared to other career paths. You can complete your 100 hours of Qualifying Education plus your Supervisor-Trainee course online through self-paced study or through livestream courses, so you have more control over the timeline. The background check and the state board’s processing your application may take a few weeks or longer, but once you have those, you can start working as a trainee.

Take the first step to become an appraiser in Florida

Now that you know how to become an appraiser in Florida, it’s time to get started, and McKissock will be with you every step of the way. We offer convenient, comprehensive Qualifying Education for appraisers in Florida that meet state requirements and prepare you for success. And when you’re ready to upgrade your license, we have the classes, exam prep, and continuing education to keep you on track.

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