Top Marketing Channels to Promote Your Appraisal Business

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Are you looking to grow your business and earn more income in 2022? Perhaps you’re hoping to break into a new appraisal niche or begin offering new services this year? If so, you may be curious about the best ways to promote your appraisal business and get the word out to new clients. To help you out, we asked members of our appraisal community, “Which marketing channel(s) do you utilize to promote your appraisal business?” Read their answers and insights below.

Which marketing channel(s) do you utilize to promote your appraisal business?

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Website/blog (24%)

“Having an online presence can give appraisers credibility. Online content can be more about helping consumers understand what we do and helps promote public trust.”

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Social media (22%)

“Social media is an essential part of a marketing program in today’s competitive environment.”

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Email marketing (14%)

A fair amount of survey respondents (14%) reported utilizing email marketing to promote their appraisal business.

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Video content (4%)

Only 4% of respondents reported using video content for promotional purposes. Video content could be an effective way to enhance your online presence and allow people to get to know you—particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, when in-person networking opportunities are limited.

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Mailers (4%)

Only 4% of respondents reported using mailers to promote their business. Direct mailers may seem outdated in today’s world of digital marketing. However, marketing expert Neil Patel argues that “direct mail is still a great way to reach your audience, grab their attention, and connect with them on a personal level.”

Other (32%)

Many survey respondents reported utilizing alternatives to the above marketing channels. Out of the 32% of respondents who selected “Other,” the majority said they rely on referrals and word of mouth. The full list of “Other” responses included:

  • Referrals
  • Word of mouth
  • None
  • Phone calls
  • Zillow and
  • LinkedIn
  • Agents
  • Social networking
  • In person
  • Young Professionals of Martin County
  • AMC portals, ASC website
  • VA and AMC

“A live phone conversation is still a great marketing tool!”

“I work in rural America and the best way I found to drum up additional business is to get out and talk to people.”

“I work in-house for a large bank; however, I’ve found that the best appraisers are ‘more than busy’ by providing insightful reports, on-time delivery, meaningful market analysis, and excellent customer service.”

“At this point in my career, I have enough good clients and am a part of numerous appraiser panels that no additional marketing is necessary. I turn down more work in a day than I am able to accept.”

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