What’s New in Appraisal Membership: October 2020

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The Data Puzzle: Pulling it all Together

Years ago, it was hard work just to gather a few pieces of information to solve the valuation puzzle. Now, data is readily available and the challenge has shifted from gathering data to sorting, verifying, and determining which pieces really belong in the puzzle box.

This recorded webinar takes a deeper look at primary and secondary data sources and how to verify information and what data should be kept in your workfile.

Appraisal Review: What a Bank Reviewer Wishes You Knew

What do bank reviewers and underwriters focus on when reviewing residential appraisals and why? In this recorded webinar, presented by Certified General Appraiser Julie Molendorp, you’ll learn real-life information related to a risk management-based viewpoint of appraisal reviews for lending purposes and why your underwriters ask what they do.

Proven Test Taking Tips for Your Real Estate Appraiser Exam

Are you about to take your Appraisal Licensing and Certification exam and have knots in your stomach? Then you should listen to this webinar recording and let Doctor Sam Martin help relieve your test taking anxiety.

In this presentation, Dr. Sam Martin (Sam the Tutor) shares proven test taking tips such as time management, how best to answer multiple choice questions, what subjects you should study first, and much more.

The Appraisal Foundation Q4 2020 Update

McKissock Learning helps appraisers stay in the loop on the latest industry changes. You’ve got appraisal industry questions, we’ve got answers!

In this recorded Q&A session with Lisa Desmarais, Vice President, Appraisal Issues with The Appraisal Foundation, you’ll hear about proposed changes to USPAP as well as an update on current AQB and ASB activities. Get firsthand information on TAF’s viewpoint of the latest topics in the appraisal industry.

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Fannie Mae Q3 2020 Appraisal Update

In this webinar, knowledgeable presenters from Fannie Mae’s Collateral Policy Team share the latest policy updates impacting appraisers, share insight about appraisal quality and how it is measured by Collateral Underwriter® (CU), and discuss its Manufactured Housing Advantage program. The presentation also dispels some common myths pertaining to Fannie Mae’s appraisal policies.

Understanding Mutual Funds

Learn about mutual fund investing and the tools and knowledge to choose the right funds to pursue your financial goals.

In this presentation, instructor John A. Palmieri, ChFC, Financial Planner at Palmieri Financial Group, offers useful info about what mutual funds are, how they work, how to choose a mutual fund that may be right for you, reviewing and managing your portfolio, and where you can go for helpful resources.

Taking PivotTables to the Next Level

Learn how to effectively use Excel PivotTables and PivotCharts for sorting and analyzing appraisal data.

In this training session, presented by Cathy Horwitz, you will learn to expand PivotTable data, create custom calculations, format a PivotTable, modify subtotal and grand total displays, learn addition tools on the PivotTable tabs, modify the PivotTable task pane, and create PivotCharts.

The Appraisal Story: Writing Reports with Meaningful Content

Completing the appraisal process is only half the job. Next, you need to communicate your results, findings, conclusions, and opinions within a report so it is meaningful and useful to your client. Just like any piece of technical writing, appraisal reports must contain certain required components. But how do we know how much detail to include so our client understands the “story”?

Explore which components are most critical to a client’s understanding and how to connect the dots within your report, for a logical “appraisal story” that clients will understand the first time. (Explore which components are most critical for a logical “appraisal story” in your reports.)

Life Insurance for All Stages

In this 40-minute recorded webinar, instructor John A. Palmieri, ChFC, Financial Planner at Palmieri Financial Group, takes a look at the role life insurance plays in your financial plan.

Palmieri provides helpful info on who needs life insurance; assessing your needs; different policies, different strategies; ideas for all ages; life insurance for business owners; and assessing risk.

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