celebrity real estate agent

What it Takes to Be a Celebrity Real Estate Agent

celebrity real estate agent

Ever wondered what it takes to work in real estate with celebrities? Being a celebrity real estate agent isn’t too different from working with clients who aren’t famous — but there are a few notable takeaways to focus on each time you have a celebrity client. Here are the main takeaways I’ve learned in the industry.

1. Privacy is always the best policy

Privacy is usually the number one most treasured quality when working with a real estate agent. In NYC many of the newspapers and television crews are waiting to pounce when they hear stirrings of a celebrity moving.

We want to always protect the client’s best interest so when selling a celebrity home we have a vetting process that includes the buyer’s representative sending over documents regarding the buyer such as a bio and a potential letter of employment. We also use non-disclosure agreements before we go into the details of the property.

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In turn, we have our celebrity or well-recognized seller put away all family photos and awards which would have their name or information that could giveaway who lives in the home.

When taking a purchaser around who is well recognized we usually register them with the listing agent under their manager’s name and we have the listing agent sign an NDA as well.

2. Go all-in when it comes to customer service

Other items that help with celebrities feeling more comfortable are understanding their favorite food and beverages and any other items we as real estate agents can have in the wings to make them feel at home. In the winter, cashmere blankets and gloves are great ideas for the commute around town to different properties.

We always have fresh water, gum, and candy and sugar-free snacks on hand too.

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3. Get to know the whole team

Lawyers and business managers and even personal assistants are heavily relied upon in these transactions. Being versatile and flexible enough to help with furniture deliveries or other items, meeting with designers and contractors during and post-purchase will also ensure that you have gone above and beyond your role as a real estate agent and the A-list client will hopefully remember you and your skillset this way.

About the Author: Amy Herman of Nest Seekers International is one of New York City’s top real estate agents with expertise in handling high-profile transactions. Her tenacity, drive, and genuine care for her clients have lead Amy to be named one of New York City’s Top 100 Real Estate Agents in 2015.