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Green Home Building, 3D Technology App for Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Tax Deduction, and More

green home buildingThis week’s news starts out with good news for the environment: green home building. More and more people are interested in going green—and builders are becoming more apt to comply. People don’t buy homes because of the mortgage tax deduction—or do they? Zillow has introduced a 3D technology app for real estate agents—but will this be a game-changer? Investors take note: Here are some tips on how to ensure your investment is a good one. And just for fun: nine homes built purely out of spite. Happy reading!

Green home building continues to gain traction in U.S.

Increasing the energy efficiency of homes is growing in popularity with builders reporting that more than 60 percent of their portfolios representing “green” homes. Find out the reason for the shift.

Gary Cohn: ‘People don’t buy homes because of the mortgage deduction’—or do they?

Just how important is the mortgage tax deduction when it comes to home purchases? Trump’s chief economic advisor minimizes the importance of this century-old tax code while the National Association of Realtors’ president disagrees. Read more about the debate here.

Zillow introduces 3D technology app to real estate agents

The future is here today: Zillow has announced plans to launch three-dimensional capabilities for listings, meaning potential buyers will be able to take an immersive tour. What does this mean for real estate agents and buyers and sellers?

How investors can identify a great rental property

Picking a good property to purchase as a rental should be carefully considered. Even a single-family home earmarked for tenants requires a careful running of the numbers. This article tells you what you need to know if you are planning to become a landlord.

Spite houses: 9 homes people built just to annoy their neighbors

These homeowners take spite to a whole new level! Check out these homes that were built just to get a rise out of the neighbors.